Everyday of my life


1. Like always

I closed my eyes to end my day like I always do ignoring problems like they don't exist.

I try to imagine tomorrow being different 

but  even when I try there is no imagination everyday is the same.

I wake up and get ignored by all,

even as I walk down the school halls, no body glances or stares it is like no one cares

I'm just another person who's there, but It's like I'm invisible to the eye.

If I were Invisible there would be no surprise, people walk past and don't notice all the time.

After school I got to a place a few people I knew own, 

yet I'm a stranger that walks the halls of a strange place I used to call home.

I saw the few people I used to call family but now.... they are strangers.

I stand in front of the mirror but I don't recognize the person standing on the other side.

Is that really me? No,it can't be that is just another stranger 

So I close my eyes and end my day like I always do





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