A Young Kitsune's Power

Naruto with a different background, a nice Kyuubi, friends and power. StrongNaruto, FemKyuubi


4. The Battle (filler)

"Now… lets see… the raman shop was here the last time I lived here… now there's a weapon shop! And I had been able to see the tower from the place! Now all I have to do is enter.." Naruto arrived at the front and only doors into the place. Two guards were able to be seen from the entrance, meaning that many more were hiding in the shadow's, the way that normal ninja do. These ones were just decoys as a show of power.

"Hey, kid! What do you think you're doing here? This is only for customers! Its not a little midgets playground! Leave this moment!" The guard continue yelling, planning on the kid doing as he said or being scared away. He did not expect the brat to walk right past him without the mans 'highly trained ninja mind' picking up on it.

"Uzai… why was he trying to stop me in the first place? Not like I'm doing anything bad! Dang adults!"

"HEY, KID!" 'UGH! Not again! Just leave me alone to get to this dang Hokage!' "BRAT! DONT YOU DARE WALK AWAY FROM ME! I STILL HAVE TO KILL YOU!" 'OHHH! Its that crazy ANBU lady! Wonder what she wants?' He turned around to face the woman with purple hair.

"Yes? How is it that I may be of assistance to you this fine evening?" A fit of giggles from both boy and woman followed that while the other men in the squad sighed with a sweat-drop showing on their heads. "ANYWAYS, what are you doing here? I did come like I said I would!"

"Ya, so?" The two continued to stare at eachother before one of the teammates interrupted the display with a cough.

"Ya done?"

"... Not yet…*four seconds pass* Now we are! Right brat?"

"Uzumaki Naruto! Get it right physico!" Everyone blinks, realizing exactly who this was.

"You mean, the kid that died seven years ago?"

"YEP! Is that weird?"



"Okay, enough of this silly conversation! The more important question is, 'how are you alive?!' isn't it?" Everyone turned expectantly at the enigma.

"... What?" The enigma was confused, making everyone sweat-drop.

"Aren't you going to explain?"

"No." *blank stares*.

"YOU LITTLE BRAT! MAYBE I WON'T THANK YOU!" The males held back an angry Anko as she tried to rip out the boys heart and eat it for breakfast. They were only able to for a minute until she got free and charged the '7-year-old'.

"RUN AWAY!" The boy glanced at the ANBU who shouted this before saying,

"Why?" He held up a hand, stopping Anko mid-jump and sending her crashing to the ground. "She's weak. Didn't even have to use two fingers." The boy continued walking, seeming to feel as though completely owning a fight against an ANBU without even trying was the easiest thing in the world. Once again, the dumbfounded ANBU just stood staring at the back of the blond boy walking away to meet the Hokage that turned the village upside down in the seven years he was gone.

"... Guys, he never told us how he's still alive… did he."

"Nope… maybe Kakashi knows? He did disappear after we left the third's house."

"Ya… lets find that stupid scarecrow!" One followed the boy while the other two ran off to find their squad captain.

With the blond

'Now, where is this D-guy? Over here? *People yelling to chase the 'intruder'* Nope… This way? *people yelling to catch the brat* I KNOW! Its this room!' The boy entered a bare room with only a desk towards the back, piled high with paperwork, and a random plant in the corner. The walls were colored red and beige with black scroll saying 'Hokage'. A lone old man was sitting behind the desk, working on some of the piles of paperwork, most likely hoping for a distraction from the mountain of destroyed trees.

"YO! OLD GUY!" The ancient man looked up, eyes widening in surprise that a kid was able to get past all of his guards and into his room without his notice. Quickly, the man got to his feet and into a fighting stance.

"What are you here for?"

"Ano.. see, I w-"

"HOKAGE-SAMA! A little kid has infiltrated the tower and-" He broke off, seeing the boy had already entered the room before him.

"Yo. Can I help you"

"YOU! You were the one that took all of the uniforms out of the dressing room, weren't you!" He pointed an accusing finger at the boy.

"YEP! That way, less people would try chasing me! I was just told to come to the Hokage!"

"He was. The Brat was screaming, loud enough for the entire sand village to hear. Kids got a strong pair of lungs."

"That was him? Wow kid…" (Going back to the actual story)

"Anko! Why did this kid come to me by himself? You and your squad should have been escorting him!"

"He surprised us. This kid is… interesting. Show him Naruto!"

"...Why?" *Blank stares*

"...Just do it.."

"Fine!" The kid pushed back Anko without touching her and sat on the ground, acting as though he was rebelling.

"Hehe… told you he was strong." Anko was walking out of the hole recently made in the wall, using the sides as supports to balance herself. The two men in the room gawked at both boy and woman.

"Naruto, was it? Would you be opposed to joining our rankings? We could use one of your caliber. You will join a genin team as one has lost a member on a recent mission. There is an Uchiha and a Haruno. Will you enter?"

"Sure, why not? Got nothing else to do!" The man smiled.


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