A Young Kitsune's Power

Naruto with a different background, a nice Kyuubi, friends and power. StrongNaruto, FemKyuubi


6. The Angel

"Ow! H-hey! S-s-stop i-it! I h-h-haven't done a-anything!"

"Kiba, do you hear that?" He paused for a minute.

"So? You just some stuck up Hyuuga! Thinking that you're better than everyone even though you're not!" That was followed by the sound of flesh hitting rubber, signaling that the girl had been kicked, hard. A whimper was the only sound of a response.

Kiba looked to his friend once he heard a growl, finding he had disappeared to the trees. Assuming Naruto went to where the sounds were coming from, Kiba heading in that direction.

Naruto was standing in front of a bluish haired girl. Her eyes took on a tint of violet with tears dripping out of them. Slowly, she rose from her fallen position on the ground- laying on her side curled up with hair spewing all over the ground, acting like a blanket- to her dirtied knees. She looked at Naruto as though he was a hero come down from the heavens to save her. That's not really that surprising since her eyes were blurry and Naruto was standing in a patch of sun, making his hair shine in its full and blond glory. Another thing that was unsurprising was the blush that began to tint her cheeks red. I mean, really! Its the classic damsel in distress being saved by a heroic knight in shining armor! Well, sort of, but still!

"What were you doing to her?" A yes, and then it was all broken by his voice still being that of a little kid. High, girlish voice and all. Amasing. The attackers started to snicker. Only one was able to stop and actually talk to the steadily growing annoyed blond.

"What? We were just teaching a stuck up brat a lesson! Maybe we should to you also! How would you like that Demon?"

'Demon?' Kiba thought. 'Why would they call him a demon? Guy's more like an Angel if you ask me. I mean, look at him in the sun! He's glowing! You can practically see the wings!'

Naruto's mind

"What should I do? Kiba's watching so i cant disarm them…"

"You could… Just knock him out also and make everyone forget what just happened!"

"But Okaa-san! i dont wanna hurt Kiba! What if I let him see but then tell him not to talk to anyone about what he saw! Would that work?"

"... I guess…. Just be careful kit. How do you want to defeat them? I suppose by not injuring any of the bakas?"

"YEP! What should I do? Showing too much power might scare Kiba-chan."

" What if we show Kiba-kun your demon wings? They did just say that you're a demon."

"... They did? How would they know!? Their dang parents must have broken the law! I'll have to hide this from Jiji…"

"Hey, kit! Focus! I just put on demon wings so you can start fighting now. Now, get out here you brat! SHOO!" Once the blond left his mindscape, the demonic being smiled. Her kit was being a hero and she couldn't be happier. (Not all demons are bad! some are even nicer than angels but just got tossed down into the earth because of one little thing! For her, she had to steal from this one really rich angel… I'll tell you later! thats coming up!)

Back to Kiba

'Maybe I'm not actually seeing things. The other people all have awed looks on their faces. It could be a genjutsu! we just learned about them the other day! but they didn't tell us how to perform them so that couldn't be it. What ever! I'll just ask him later.'

"Little boys. For what you have done, you must be punished. This girl has done nothing wrong to you or anyone in your family. Your judgment will be decided once you tell me what you think she has done. If it is truly terrible, I will let you get away with minimal injury. If it is not…" He stopped there, letting the mind wander into what he could do to them. Kiba could smell something coming from one of the boys. Its smell was one of the toilet, so he recognised it pretty quickly.

Having to stifle a manly giggle, he moved through the brush, ending up just behind the girl. "Hey, you needed help?" he whispered. The girl jumped, frightened by his sudden appearance.

"N-no. I-I think that h-he i-i-is doing f-fine." She looked back up at her rescuer. 'Maybe he'll let me touch his wings when this is all over! They look soooo soft!' (I will not make her stutter in her thoughts! To troublesome.)

"Oh, okay! You fine if I just sit here until Naru-chan's done?" Kiba giggled another 'manly' giggle at the look on his new friends look. Apparently it was kinda hard to think that the angelic looking boy was a girl. Good thing he wasn't. Now that he was thinking about it, an image of his 'brother' actually being a girl came into his mind.

'Kiba-chan!' A blond girl called out, deep blue eyes shining with excitement. 'I know the perfect prank to pull on Hana! Wanna hear?' Misschief burned a blue flame in her eyes as she thought about what was going to happen, a fox-like look crossing her features succeeding in making it all the more real. The trade mark Uzumaki grin grew on her face, breaking the image. (Think about it, a pretty girl with that smile! Weird…)

"HAHA! RUN IN FEAR LOSERS! YOU CANT STOP ME! NOW STAY AWAY FROM US!" He broke down in a fit of giggles after that. *poof!* His heroic vibe going up in smoke. The girl he was defending cautiously walked up to him, a deep blush taking over her pale features.

"U-u-um… thank you…. ah…" Her fingers were pressing against each other in a nervous manor. The blond in front of her grinned.

"Uzumaki Naruto! You should remember the name of your future hokage!"

"Oh.. s-sorry. Um-"

"HINATA-SAMA! What do you think you're doing out here? And with him?" Some random guy with whitish eyes like Hinata had walked up. Kiba growled when the man said 'him' so pointedly at his adopted brother. "We are leaving right now before he corrupts you even more! Come." The girl- being dragged away by her arm- looked pleadingly behind her to the two who saved her.

"No…" She whispered. The elder Hyuuga looked back at her in astonishment, blinking repeatedly before saying one intelligent word.


"I-I said NO! N-Naruto-san saved m-me! I-I won't leave him!" She yanked her arm from the recently stunned mans grip and ran over the the two boys. "I'm going to stay with them for now! You can tell them that I'll be home before 8." With that- surprisingly clear- sentence, she stalked off, taking her newly made friends with her. All the man could do was watch her back, surprised by the confidence that placed itself within her eyes. A barely visible smile appeared on the face of this man. 'The heiress of the hyuugas is finally growing strong. Now we only need to pull her away from the demon." One side of his smile fell, creating a smirk as he walked back to the compound to deliver his news.

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