A Young Kitsune's Power

Naruto with a different background, a nice Kyuubi, friends and power. StrongNaruto, FemKyuubi


5. School

"~Kiba~. ~Kiba~. ~We've come to get you~." The said boy turned, fear evident on his haunted face. Behind him stood a blond, hair moving in all directions- acting like tails- (think of his mom… I think she was the one who did this…) with some pointed at the brunette. "~Now why would you leave us to find our way~? ~All on our own~?"

"Hehe… About that…"


"Well, see, I was kinda annoyed that Akamaru agreed with you and not me so I thought that if he liked you so much you to could spend time together without me. Not letting you get to school on time was just a bonus. Are you still going to kill me?" This all was said rapidly, allowing it to fit into just one breath.

"No, I won't now! Lets get inside! I bet the teacher hates me though…" The last part was spoken under his breath, yet Kiba still heard it.

"I doubt that! You were late because of me so he'll pardon you… probably." He showed Naruto an encouraging grin before walking back into the classroom. Thats when in accrued to the blond that he never did ask why he wasn't in there in the first place. Sighing, he stepped up to the door. After a few encouraging words from his puppy friend, he passed through the entryway.

All of this was done, just to be greeted by a crowd of people either jumping on desks, running around, making paper airplanes, or screaming about something or other. A crowd of girls surrounded a young boy in blue, screeching about how great he was and how much they loved him while a teacher was sitting at his desk, quietly banging his head on the piece of wood mentioned earlier. Naruto grinned wickedly before screeching out a greeting, effectively catching the attention of everyone in the room and stopping the teacher from any further head damage. Many of the people in the room, mainly the ones closest to him, covered their ears in futile attempt to stop the ringing.

"Ah, yes. Uzumaki. How gracious to grant us your presence. Do you mind explaining why you had the audacity to enter in late? And on your first day no less?" Many of the kids in the classroom snickered, glad that the boy who hurt their ears was being interrogated. Sadly for them, said blond just grinned brightly with a hand behind his head.

"Ya, I do! Now, where's my seat? I'm tired from my run." He started walking to his adopted brother before calling the miniature dog after him. "If you want, Kiba-chan can explain it to you!" The boy with a 'chan' placed after his name growled but didn't speak up, knowing that he deserved it.

The teacher looked at him expectantly. "Well Inuzuka? Care to explain?"

"No," he grumbled, "but I doubt that I have a choice." He looked up with a false hope. With the hardened eyes of the chunin, what little was there died and he began his explanation. "See, i was annoyed with both Naruto and Akamaru for saying that Naru was faster than me so, when we were racing, I kinda maybe forgot to tell them that we past the school and just let them continue… *hehe*." Some people stared at the painted boy like he was crazy while the rest laughed their heads off. Kiba ducked his head in shame, hoping beyond hope that it would just blow over.

Time skip- lunch

It didn't. People still made fun of him, even after three hours had past. Naruto had his arm around his adopted brothers shoulder "Don't worry, I doubt that they will remember in a weeks time!" This, however, did nothing to consult the boys sorrow as more kids came to make fun of him. "HEY! KNOCK IT OFF LOSERS! WELL? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? AN INVITATION? SCRAM!" They all ran away, not wanting to suffer the new boys wrath. They are training to be ninja. Besides, even a civilian knows when someone is dangerous. "Hehe, they wont be bothering you anytime soon Kiba-chan! Now, lets eat!" With that, the two went to their newly designated 'secret spot' just outside of the tree lining.

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