A Young Kitsune's Power

Naruto with a different background, a nice Kyuubi, friends and power. StrongNaruto, FemKyuubi


3. Nice Demons

Come on Naruto! Hurry it up!" Kiba, now at the age of 4, is bringing his long time friend to his house. Naruto behind him and Akamaru in front, they reach the patio to the house of the Inuzuka's.

"Mom! I'm home!" Announced the tattooed boy with a little bark from his dog.

"Alright. Did you bring Naruto?" With a positive answer from Kiba she continued, "Come up then! Lunch is made and ready to be eaten."

The boys kicked off their shoes and sprinted up the stairs, mouths watering and bellies grumbling to find their lunch.

Ahead of them was a bowl of pork ramen, carrots, broccoli and some other vegetables in another, with a plate of sushi to top it all off.

Akamaru had his meal on a plate, resting atop a lower to the ground table. His was a mix of many raw meats with some greens in a bundle next to it.

"Itadakimasu." Both boys and the pup said in unison, but only the older Inuzuka and Naruto understood what the later said.

"Wait, have you washed your hands yet?" With a nod no from the whiskered boy and sheepish look from her son, she continued to shoo them out.

"Race you to the bathroom Kiba! That is, if you think you can beat me!"Giving off a foxish grin- canines showing- he started jogging slowly to wash his hands.

Growling slightly, the chibi Kiba sprinted after him, barely keeping up. "You can't beat an Inuzuka in speed! We're known for our canine abilities and companions!"

"Naruto, slow down!" Growled the pup trailing after them, "We both know your faster then me and even most jonin, but others can't know that. You need to pretend to be slower then Kiba-kun! By a lot!"

"Come on Kiba! Are you sure you an Inuzuka? Can't be this slow! Haha!" This was a good enough answer for Akamaru, seeing as Naruto slowed even more.

Grinning, Kiba sped up, surpassing the cute blond and shouting at the top of his little lungs about how much better he was then the whiskered boy.

After many seconds of sprinting (or slowly jogging in Naruto's case), the tattooed boy, blond, and pup found themselves in front of the bathroom. Grinning widely, the blond started shouting that he was just going easy on his friend, who continued to say that there was no way the other even had a chance. Just before the pooch joined in the argument, Kiba's sister came, yelling at them to shut up and hurry up. (Loud) whispers of 'I'm sorry' were heard throughout the house. All Kiba's sibling had to say was a 'good' with a huff at the end.

"Stupid she-devil, always ruining our fun..." Kiba murmured after the girl was gone.

Still grinning like a maniac, the happy-go-lucky blond began dragging the pouting brunet into the bathroom. He WAS hungry ya know!

After a quick wash with some soap he began walking back. Kiba was splashing Akamaru with water, so they could be some time before coming down.

"Mom, do you think that Naruto will be able to get into the academy? It seems possible, but I don't know If they'd let him." Naruto stopped walking, standing just outside of the doorway. People don't talk like this when they know that your around, so he needed to stay hidden. With that thought in mind he concealed his presence and slipped into the room, hiding in the shadows.

"People are not able to stop him. And even if they try, we won't let them. He is NOT a demon, just the container and no one can go against that logic. Besides, I AM the head if this clan and will pledge for him."

There goes someone talking about oka-san again. I really don't understand how someone can think that she's all that bad! Many demons are really nice! And I should know. Mom invited some of her friends over from the demon world once.


"Kit, we need to go into the woods for a little bit, is that okay with you?" Mom has been anxious lately so I was beginning to wonder what was going on.

"Alright okaa-san. What's going on?"

"Well, some of my friends and family ate going to come over in there human forms, but even then and with suppressing their chakra, too many people will want to know what's going on and come to check it out. Okay?"

"Okay mum. Does that mean that you will take control and hedge yourself?" The young boy wanted to know why she was so fidgety, not that her family was coming.

"Ya, but they don't know that I'm in a seal." She gave off a sheepish grin. "When the find out I'll be the laughing stalk for century's! We demons don't forget easily."

Oh.. Sorry okaa-san. The little boy got tears in his eyes, thinking that he was the cause of his okaa-sans sadness.

"Oh no, don't cry kit. I'm happy here." Spoke the great and powerful demon, guessing why her child was upset. "At the party, how about you create a clone with my soul in it so you still have your body and I can show everyone how great you are! Then they'll have no choice but to be jealous of me! Perfect!"

"Ya okaa-san! Besides, if they do make fun of you, then we'll just kill them!" 'Dang, maybe i shouldn't have gotten him riled up...' The Kyuubi groaned. "So okaa-san, who are we going to invite?"

"My parents, cousins, and any of my siblings that are free." She got a misty look in her eye, remembering her loved ones.

"Do you mean that there are others locked up in people? In other jinkuriki?"

"Jinchuriki and yes. Most of my closest siblings. We have all been spread out for about 23 years in total (just guessing. I really have no idea)."

"What if we ask Jiji to contact other nations? Them we could get everyone!" The 3-year-old decided. "I'll go ask!" And with that he ran to the hokages tower.

After talking to the Hokage...

"I can't believe he said no..." The boy pouted, making the demon want to hug him screaming 'kwaii'.

"Besides, it's not like anything bad is going to happen! He's just being a poopyhead. Damn Jiji."

"Don't worry my little kit. The rest of my family can come and you will meet each of them."

"Okay Okaa-san! What should we do to prepare?" Questioned the chibi.

"Don't worry kit, I'll take care of everything."

At the party

"Hello nii-san. Okaa-san, baa-chan, how are you?" The only 9-tailed fox at the party asked.

"You know that I'm barley 70,000 years older than you! Don't go calling me baa-chan! Brat." This was said by a 10 winged dragon. She was a magnificent white with streaks of blood-red highlights in her mane.

"Mom, Rea is only 2,000 years old, you shouldn't be surprised." The speaker this time was a three tailed fire lizard. The was a college of reds, oranges, and yellows with fire at the tips of her tail and from the crown of her head to the upper back.

"So? That doesn't mean that sis is able to say that but I can't!" The blue, 1 tailed, 400 year old fox said, not liking being ignored.

"Kurama! You sister is one of the most powerful of us all! She has nine tails and is still so young! At your age she already had two and that gained her the right to speak without formalities! Be glad that she didn't take that fully or you wouldn't even be -kun!" The lizard was the one scolding her young.

"Fine, fine. But I've been wondering, who, exactly, IS that little human boy?" That drew the attention of all 32 demons that came. Some of which didn't even notice the small presence of the three-year-old human. Rea just smiled sheepishly.

"Well, that's a long story but basically I found him alone and abandoned and decided to take him in. The poor kid was starved and in the rain! At two! Even Shukaku would have helped him! That that guy is heartless and psycho!"

"Well, okay then... I guess welcome to the family! Rea, now that he is your kit you have to take care of him no mater what. I don't care if you get annoyed with him, if he dies by any hand I will hunt you down. Understood?"

"Yes baa-sama. Nothing will hurt him."

"Good, now, kit. Do you want to play with our young?" The human let out a squeal.

"Yes baa-chan! Where?" Everyone looked at him I surprise accept the Kyuubi.

"He can talk?"

"Yes, he's very advanced... and powerful."

"Powerful? What do you mean? He's a human." This was asked by a four horned, three headed, blue and purple giraffe. All heads in unison.

"Ya, just watch." Spoke the fox, showing all of her canines. "Naru-kun, show 'em what you got." The boys eyes lit up.

Grin widening, he jumped off his mothers head, speeding to the ground. Everyone watching, except Rea, gasped, thinking the boy would kill himself.

"Calm down and see what he can do." Slowly, the others shook their heads as their answer. The Kyuubi let a small smile grace her muzzle. 'the others are impressed, good job kit.'

'Thanks mom.' They had a mind link so that if you want to tell the other something it doesn't matter how far away you are, your always connected.

Everyone watched the kid get caught by swirling wind after free-falling until just a foot from the ground. He then started soaring back up before shooting fire chakra out of his feet, aiding him in his flight. Once he retched the heads of the demons, he gathered water out of the air partials, forming them together in the shape of a water slide before freezing it up and sliding down. It dropped about seven meters above the ground with earth flying up to catch him.

Standing on the newly make platform, he gathered lightning chakra and placed lava within it before shooting it into the sky for the explosion of colors. Lava spewed out first before the lightning shot out, changing colors at points to create fireworks in the shape and colors of Naruto's face.

The lava that managed to hit the ground either became rock before contact or set the trees on fire. Naruto used a variation of the Hiraishin to speed to the damage. It's like the fourths jutsu but you don't have to use marked kunai to use it.

At the site, the young boy lifted the ashes of ready burned trees and used them to put out the fires (think of Gaara and his sand). Then, with everything put out nicely, he used wood style and plant style to regrow many of the plants and trees.

After everything looked to be back in order, he moved on to healing the unlucky animals that were unfortunate enough to be in the area at the time. Most seemed to be mad at him so he created crystal using crystals release (Guren, in the anime only) as a sorry gift.

The 32 other demons looked at him, obviously interested in what he could do. Some were even thinking that if he went up against Kurama that he may even have the chance if winning (remember, in this Kurama is the Kyuubi's brother.)

"Well then... Naruto, welcome to the family!"

End flashback

So ya, not all demons are evil or mean. Some are, sure, but not all. So moral if the story, don't believe stereotypes.

"So it's decides! Naru-kun's going to the academy!" Tsumi announced like it was the greatest thing in the entire world.

"Great mom but when can we eat? Shouldn't the boys be down by now?" Taking that as his cue to enter, he moved back out of the shadows and to the entrance.

"I'm here but the other two were playing so I left."

"Ah, well, that's fine. One second" this was said by Hana before she proceeded to shout for her brother, mentioning repeatable threats for what she would do to him if he didn't get down within ten seconds. Good thing for him is that I kept interrupting her before getting to 10, so he made it by the time she counted to seven... kinda.

"Hey, guys, I've got great news!"

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