A Young Kitsune's Power

Naruto with a different background, a nice Kyuubi, friends and power. StrongNaruto, FemKyuubi


7. Friends

Back in class…

"Hinata-chan! Come sit over here! There's still one open spot next to Kiba-chan and I!" The girl looked up to her new friend before a Giant blush crossed her face (You know the one!). She began stuttering nonsense before promptly fainting, just happening to land on an unsuspecting and lazy boy. Said boy had brown, pineapple shaped hair. He had on a open green and grey jacket with a mesh shirt on underneath. His shorts were a dark brown going barely past his knees. He moved his shoulder just the smallest amount before muttering a 'troublesome' and going back to sleep, asking as if there wasn't a body draped over him. Naruto and Kiba just blinked at each other over what had just happened in front of them before spontaneously bursting into giggles, falling onto each other while trying to stay up.

Before they could go into full blown laughter, a teacher with a scare crossing his nose entered the room."Well class! Sorry about having to come in late. A mission was taking up a lot of my time so I couldn't be here. Now, who was that new student? I can't remember his name…" The unremembered blond butted in before the poor teacher could continue embarrassing himself.

"Uzumaki Naruto! Remember it or I'll beat it into your skull!" The other student's eyes widened at that. Threatening your teacher on your first day was never a good way to go. Especially not in a ninja academy where any one of them could kill you without a second thought. The man's face grew red as blood rushed to it in anger. His head grew in size, showing the feared big head no jutsu (Is that right? I can never remember…). All of the kids moved as far back into their seats as they could, taking up all of the room left, even in the small crevices. One muttered a poor kid before closing his eyes so not to see it. Oblivious to this all, the boy that was the cause of this all just looked at everyone like they were crazy. The head grew in size until it reached the ceiling of the quite large room. One tremendously loud voice could be heard all throughout the village.


"But what did I do wrong? I want people to know my name. It's never good to be forgotten." As if on command, a single tear dripped down the fox-childs face. The newly appointed sensei's anger levels fell due to the cuteness of the blond while all of the girls thought the exact same this at the exact same time 'KAWAII!'. It took all of their willpower not to pounce on the boy and kill him with their bone-crushing hugs. One of them didn't have this restraint and quickly shot out of her seat, blond hair flying behind her. The male blond was tackled to the ground, crushed by the girl.

"Your SOOOO CUTE! Naruto, right? Hello! I'm Ino! Wanna be my friend? I can always have more cuties near me! Right Saku-chan?" The newly declared Ino turned to a pinkette with a grin. "Come on bookworm! Join us!" The 'bookworm' just smiled a soft smile before returning to her book. "Awww! You're no fun Sak-"

"Ahem." All eyes in the room turned to the forgotten teacher standing at the front of the room. "I believe that if you're" He looked pointedly at Ino and Naruto who were still on the floor "done here, we can start the lesson for today. Back to your seats everyone." He grabbed a piece of white chalk before tossing it to one sleeping boy in the back of the classroom. "And wake up Shikamaru! We have a lesson!" The chalk landed on said boy's head, a trail of white powder evident on his head making him look like a skunk. "Now," Feeling as though everything was back in order, the man continued. "everyone, introduce yourself to Naruto here and we'll go on with the lesson. I'll start. My name is Iruka Umino. I am a Chunin in rank and have devoted my life to teaching. Sasuke, you're next." And the introductions went on and on, going from one student to the next. (Just so you know, Sasuke isn't emo yet, the massacre happens when they're 10… Right?) "Well, no that everyone knows everyone else, we can continue with the lesson. Today, we learn about chakra. Can you tell me what the substitute teacher explained to you?" No one raised their hands, making Iruka sigh before Hinata timidly rose her hand. Blushing, she whispered a 'nothing' before trying to disappear into her chair. Of course, it didn't work, but she tried. Iruka looked annoyed at what he just heard. The students only know that due to his eyebrow twitching uncontrollably.

"What." Was the simple phrase he said, yet it held so much meaning to the entire class. Do you know what it means? I'll give you two guesses. No? Well, it means that Iruka will be in a bad mood and take it out on the entire class by telling them to do one thing or another. "I guess that it would be your fault, and not his, am I right?" One person in the class, Sakura, nodded her head, spelling 'DOOM!' for the entire class in the same big bolded letters that I put it in. Iruka smiled at her before speaking. "Thank you Sakura-chan for the information. Would you like to tell me what happened when I was gone?" With the spotlight on her, Sakura started to get nervus. Knowing that if she said what really happened then the rest of the class would bully her more than they already did but if she lied she would feel guilty. Naruto, seeing this, decided to step up.

"Hehe, I pranked him. It was a really good one also! When I walked into the classroom this morning he got mad at me for being late, but it wasn't even my fault! So what else could I do? NOTHING! BESIDES! It was KIBA'S fault that I was late! Not MINE! Anyways, he walked out of the room for about a minute to try and 'cool off' so I set up my trap. First was the thumbtacks on his chair. I'm actually surprised that those worked! I mean, he is a ninja, right? Anyways, after that I had a trip wire where he would have to stand when he stood up from getting a butt full of tacks to make him fall on the invisible 'til contact paint that I made this one time when I was board so when he got up he had a face full of pink paint! Then he ran to the door so that he could wash it off in the bathroom, but I rigged the door also! The guy got a face full of dog hair!" Naruto burst into laughter as though remembering what had happened. "And then.." He gasped out "Then he.." Falling on the ground before he had been able to finish the sentence made others burst out in laughter and the entire lie more believable. Soon enough, every student was out of their chair either laughing at the story from the blond or at the people on the ground currently dying of laughter. Even Iruka broke into a smile at the ridiculous of the story, or maybe he was picturing what suposably happened to the poor sub that happened to come in on this particular day.

"Well," He said, " I guess that this was all of Naruto-kun's fault, huh? In that case, only he has to clean up after school unless someone wants to come in and help him." He looked expectantly at the students. half had their heads down, in shame or something else, no one will know. Kiba was laughing at Naruto's unfortunate as Hinata looked sad. She had to go straight home from school so there was no chance to help him out. Ino began to think about helping and was about to raise her hand before the laziest person murmured 'troublesome' and raised his own. Everyone except Naruto turned to him, shock written all over their faces. No one could believe that Shikamaru, the known lazy genius, offered to do work. Without being pushed into it by his mom or anything! Some of the students crawled under their decks, believing the world was ending. Iruka just looked unbelievably happy that the lazy genius was actually doing something. Naruto wondered what was wrong with the entire class.

"Well then, I guess that since Naruto has his little helper we can get on with the lessons. I am sure that all of you have learned a little about the past of Konoha, right? Well, I'll tell you alittle more. You see…"

Time skip; after school

"Naruto, Shikamaru," Iruka said, turning to both of them in turn to make sure he had their attention. "you two will be wiping down all of the desks and dusting the erasers. After that has been complete you are to help some genin teams with their D rank missions." He smiled evilly. "Have fun."

Iruka walked out the door, leaving the two kids with there work.

"Troublesome." One of the two muttered.

"Hey. That's my line. Troublesome blond. Anyways, lets get cleaning so we can get home faster. Ugh. What a drag." Shikamaru started to clean his part of the classroom, seemingly ignoring the other boy but, in actuality, he was catching quick glances at the interesting blond.

The boy was different then anyone Shikamaru had ever known. He defended a class that wanted nothing to do with him and seemed completely fine with taking the blame. Also, he seemed like a prankster considering how well thought out his fake prank was. The Nara shuddered at the thought.

"Shikamaru…" The one of Shikamaru's thoughts spoke up. "I just wanted to say thanks for helping me out. I didn't expect you too." The Nara's lip twitched as though trying to form a smile but was stopped as it would have been 'too troublesome' for the boy. Instead he just grunted in reply, earning him a chuckle from his fellow student. "You really are lazy, huh? I thought it was just people exaggerating." This earned him another twitch of the lip.

"Heh, I like you. But we still have to clean up. Troublesome teachers."

"Uh, Shika, you volunteered for this." The brunette grunted in reply as Naruto began to giggle his in a way that was purely his. "We're going to be good friends I guess."

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