A Young Kitsune's Power

Naruto with a different background, a nice Kyuubi, friends and power. StrongNaruto, FemKyuubi


1. Enter Naruto

"Nii-chan? How ca I do what you do? I wanna fly! I can't get uf da groud!" A little two-year-old boy with sun kissed blind hair and stunning blue eyes complained to his best friend Rea.

"Naru, you are a human, humans can not fly little kitune."

"Rea-nii-chan, will yhou tell meh why yhou cawl meh dhat? 'nd wat a kizun is?" (Rea-nii-chan, will you tell me why you call me that? And what a kitsune is?) The little chibi had such an adorable pout on that there was no way Rea could say no.

"A kitsune is a mischievous and wise fox spirit. You have one of the most powerful of them all inside of you little Naru."

"Oh, do you mean okasan?"

"Yes, that would be your mother. Now little one, I must go and finish collecting food for my young. They will be learning to fly soon and will need all the amounts of strength possible."

"Okay Nii-chan! Visit me with them once their done!"

With that fair well, the hawk flew off to take care of her family, leaving the fox-child standing alone in the empty room.

"Oka-san, can I go to da ark now? I wana swin! People don't boder me dere!"(okasan, can I go to the park now? I wanna swing! People don't bother me there!)

"Of coarse my little kit." The female fox demon gave off a sad smile, sad that her kit was unable to make friends like a normal human child. "I will take a nap while you play, tell me when you are finished or wish for help."

"A' cose oka-san! Pus, dhat uppy cums awound now! (Of coarse oka-san! Plus, that puppy comes around now!).

"Ah yes, have fun with Akamaru kit, but don't get too ruff! You may kill him." Rin remembered when her kit let out a fraction of his power in the forast when she was trying to give him some training when he was just one and a half. The area looked like a battle between many ferocious ninja took place, complete with scratches from his wind type chakra cutting the trees, scorched grass and burning logs from his fire, a new pond, a nice big hole where he stepped, accidentally sending some chakra to lower the ground, and the air crackling with the after-effects of his lightning. She had wanted to make him powerful enough to be able to withstand her taking over for when the villagers come after him, but then decided she didn't need to.

"O-cose, I be cafu! (If coarse, I'll be careful!) And with that, chibi Naruto went to the park to play.

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