A Young Kitsune's Power

Naruto with a different background, a nice Kyuubi, friends and power. StrongNaruto, FemKyuubi


2. At the Park

"Aka! Cum ere!" Now at the park, the young jinchuriki called over his puppy friend, careful to hide from the owner and his parents. The last time he had gotten caught, the kids parents forbid both there child and Akamaru from playing with the poor blond.

When the young nin-dog in training heard his friend call, he came running, jumping on the two-year-old with a slobbery hello.

"How are you kid? Haven't seen ya in so long!" Saying this between licks proved quite difficult for the young pup as he had waited for his friend for such a long time. An entire hour if he had to be exact.

"Gwait! Nii-chan said dhat I cantw fwy, but maybwe I wiil be abwl too cwim twees soon an' viset 'er! (Great! Nii-chan said that I can't fly but maybe I will be able to climb trees soon so I can visit her!).

"That's great kid! I can help you to climb if you want! I AM training to be a ninja dog!" He gave off a heroic pose before jumping onto a tree.

Waht aka! Mm cummen! (Wait Aka! I'm coming!) and with that the little chibi boy started climbing up the tree.

Surprised, Akamaru asked how the young child was able to come up after him on a tree with such smooth bark. He was answered that Naruto had already learned how to channel chakra to his hands and was just doing it that way.

"Wow your advanced. Far ahead of Kiba. That's for sure. Speaking of Kiba, he's heading this way! I'm sure that he will play with us!" Aka yipped, calling over his master.

"Cha! Cholala. Gullulja." (Kiba doesn't know how to talk. Naruto's special :D)

"Aka, wy don 'e tawk?" (Aka, why don't he talk?).

"He's too young Naruto. Just wait for some time... He will soon. Also, you should work on your speech Naruto. Slow down words to make them more clear, okay?"

"Ok Aka! Ho-w does thi-s so-und?" The young jinchuriki straining his words, trying to get his mouth around the sounds correctly.

"That's great. Soon you will be able to help out Kiba with his words." The young pup yipped as he curled up next to his master. "Sorry Naru, but I'm kinda tired. I'll see ya tomorrow, then show you how to jump in the trees. How does that sound?"

"Gr-eat! I'll see y-ou toma-rrow!" The chibi jumped up and started running off to the swings.

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