Naruto goes to London

Naruto Black Butler Crossover. Naruto finds a seal that teleports him to... LONDON!!! More specifically, right in front of everyone's favorite demon butler


2. Travels

We come back to the blond haired jinchuuriki a day later as he runs through the woods, heading over to the wave country to get on a ship that headed to Suramiki. He had to board the first boat that docked in it's harbor. The rough nin had left three days prior to when he would get there, so he had to work fast.

Landing down just outside of the harbor, he walks to the ticket center to get permission to board the first ship to enter, payed the fee, and walked out onto the docks. The weather was both sunny, warm and windy. Cool blew in from the sea as well as it's salty smell. Letting out a peaceful sigh, he walked into a restaurant to grab some food and wait for the boat. A smile pulled at his lips as he sat down and just relaxed. Looking around because he was somewhat bored and wanted something to at least look at (hey, it's Naruto, deal), he noticed something was carved into his table. It looked like a very intricate seal, one that he had never seen before and, being the apprentice of a seal master and training to be one himself, was quite surprised that he had never seen anything like it before and yet was very familiar with it. It was kind of like a spiked circle surrounding a normal circle connected to a star. The empty spaces outside of the star but still in the normal circle had some ancient looking writing in it (looks like Sebastian's hand seal). He traced his finger over the ridges, trying to memorize it. After a minute he had gotten it down. The words being the only hard part. A honk interrupted his train of thought, signaling that the boat was ready to be boarded. Standing, the blond rushed over to the boarding dock and climbed onto the ship.

'Just a little longer,' he thought. 'soon I'll finish this mission and figure out what that seal does.'

Redocking at Suramiki

*Snoring* "Oy, kit. Wake up! Were here!" *More snoring* "Dang Kit! WAKE UP YOU BAKA! WERE AT SURAMIKI! GET YOUR BUTT OUT OF THAT CHAIR AND GET OFF THIS DANG BOAT BEFORE I EAT YOU FROM THE INSIDE OUT!" That did it for the boy, getting him up in mere seconds.

"I'M AWAKE!" He shouted before seeing all of the staring eyes on him. "Hehe… ignore me." He said sheepishly, hand rubbing the back of his head. Half of the people turned away while a fourth looked at him like he was crazy and another fourth- mainly kids- started laughing at him. One even fell onto the ground, clutching his sides. Naruto grinned, happy to make people laugh at any point of the day, and continued to walk off of the boat. Looking at both the near by forest and the paved road, he decided that in the case taking the road would be less suspicious than running off into the trees like he normally would back in the Shinobi Nations where that happened daily, even the villagers did this when they wanted to get away from their 'hectic' life. He started down the road as the others from his same ship moved in that direction. Grinning, he speed up until he reached a slow jog for him, AKA, what most of the travelers considered a full on sprint. Then he saw a glimmer out of the corner of his eye. Genjutsu. Though he's only able to cast one time of those type of jutsu, demonic illusion, he was able to see through even the Tsukuyomi, and compared to that, this chunin level genjutsu was just a joke. And yet, despite knowing all of this, Naruto decide to 'ignore' the signs and play along with whatever this guy had planned. At least he didn't have to advantage of surprise like he thought he did.

Naruto didn't have to wait long before the first attack came. There were just two, taken down with in seconds with the next round coming. In this wave, there were five jounin level shinobi trying to overpower him and failing miserably. One kick to the stomach sent the first unlucky attacker flying and crashing into another. Two out with one hit. The others, seeing as taijutsu wouldn't work, tried a different tactic. Long range attacks. Two bad for them. Naruto had already attached chakra threads to almost everywhere so all of the weapons they threw at him were just sent straight back. By the end of the minute all five of the opponent shinobi were on the ground either groaning in pain or unconscious. None had been killed.

A laughing came from the forest.

"How pathetic. Can't even kill your enemies! How do they expect you to take me down?" A bald man with paint on his face and bare head walked out of the forest in front of him. He had on the usual black ninja gear as any self respecting ninja had. Well, unless you were Naruto. He, somehow, is able to hide in bright, neon, kill-me orange. For any of you who don't understand how unbelievable this is to do, try it. I can almost guarantee you will fail miserably. (Is it bad that I want to try this now?)

"Well Leaf nin, I'm gonna kill you slowly and painfully for trying to catch me. Just go to your death cursing your village and your Hokage that sent you!" A large blast erupted from his hands. Pure chakra. Naruto smurked. If it was going to be like this, there was no way he even had the smallest chance of losing to this joker. Just before the potent chakra hit him, he absorbed it. All of it went into his pores with not a wisp left out. The other man just gawked openly. Naruto laughed his face off before saying..

"You want it back? HAVE IT!" With those words, the chakra that would later destroy its own holder shot forwards. The man didn't even have the chance to scream before he was enveloped within the mass. The chakra only severed his nerves and chakra network, just as Naruto had commanded it to, leaving the runaway nin alive and helpless. Naruto quickly created a suspended animation seal before placing it on the man's forehead and summoning a toad.

"Yes Naruto-sama! What do you need today? And do you have any candy?"

"Hello Gamiri! I just need you to bring this nin back to Konoha if you wouldn't mind. And here's some chocolate for the trouble." He tossed a package of the candy to a little green toad. Tell Baa-chan I should be back in just a little bit. Understand?"

"Hai! She'll know in just a bit! See ya Naruto-sama." There was a poof before both the toad and the used to be missing nin disappeared. Naruto smiled, thinking about how easy that was. 'I bet even dog breath could take him down! I know that Kiba isn't a joke or anything, but he seems to be the least powerful of the rookie 9.' He shifted just an inch before something fell out of his pocket. A brush. His eyes widening in remembrance at the reminder. He still had to see what that seal did and if it could help him in any way. Grabbing a piece of paper, he began copying what he remembered. A circle, a star, a pointed outer circle, and the weird text. He copied his memory perfectly onto the paper. Then he began channeling chakra into it. The seal glowed purple before a flash of darkness consumed the boy. Falling into panic, Naruto began thrashing around. One more flash of light and he was in front of a tall, dark haired man with red eyes and a black suit. The ravens eyes widened in surprise before a quick movement knocked the blond out, leaving just one thought in his mind. 'What the fuck just happened?!'

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