Naruto goes to London

Naruto Black Butler Crossover. Naruto finds a seal that teleports him to... LONDON!!! More specifically, right in front of everyone's favorite demon butler


1. The Mission

"Naruto! Will you shut up and listen! I'm giving you an A rank mission here!"

"Eh? What do you want again Baa-chan? I was kinda deaf for a minute… hehe." A tick mark could be seen on the elder blond's forehead before a fist gently hit the other blond at the side of his head. Gently because he didn't fly out of the wall, only made a dent in it.

"Don't call be 'Baa-chan Gaki! Anyways, I said that you have a solo mission that will be taking place away from the Shinobi Nation. You have to find the missing nin Nakamura Endo. He is almost as high a rank in the bingo book as a Sanin, meaning that only you or one of the actual Sanin could take him. Seeing as Jiraiya and Orochimaru-teme are either evil or out of commission, and I am the Hokage, you are the only one left to take him out. The mission starts in one hour, get ready." The now known Hokage, otherwise known as Tsunade of the Sanin, handed the younger blond his mission scroll. Leaving 'Hokage mode' and entering 'sister mode' she smiled at her ototo in all but blood before saying, "come back safely Naruto. I'm betting on you." Naruto smiled at her.

"You sure about that? You always lose your bets Baa-chan!" With those words said, he ran out the window to avoid another punch to his body that might put him out of commission like it did for Jiraiya when he tried hitting on her. He laughed the entire way down. Leaping from the building before he was even close to the ground and landed on the roof of another house, taking off to his own apartment.

At the Apartment

'Clothes. Check. Raman to last for a week? Check. Ink for drawing seals? Check! Seventy Kunai? Check. A seal full of another thirty kunai and a hundred shuriken? Got It! Poison neutralizer?' The boy went to look for this particular item around his home before ultimately determining that he didn't have any. 'Dang it! Kurama, will you make a note to go talk to Sakura about that later? Kura-chan? 'Ello? Dang fox, sleeping all the time. I'll just have to remember to do that myself. Other than that, I'm all set! Should I go say bye it everyone? Nah. I'll see them in just a week or so. I could go get more weapons, just in case I run out for some reason. And get a sword. My training has gone far enough that I should atleast be able to use it in a battle! At least as a last resort. Ya, I'll just ask the blacksmith to start on one before I read the mission scroll.' With that last thought on his mind, the boy went on his way to the nearest blacksmith.

Page break

"Yo! Blacksmith-san! I need a sword! Anytime will be fine unless you would be able to make one in less than an hour!"

"Ya ya, it will take a day to make you a sword young man, so you're just gonna have to wait." The man who said this had just walked out from behind a tarp 'wall' behind the counter. He had a scruffy look to him and gigantic, calloused hands, most likely helpful when handling such tough stuff. Other then that, the man looked completely normal. There was even a kind glint in his eyes, one that came from helping anyone around him that needed it. A grin grew onto the blond boys face. He found the person to make him a sword.

"That works old man! I have a few specifications for when you're making it. One is that the hilt has to be covered by this fabric," He held up a black cloth looking fabric "and the sword out of this." This time, in the other hand, there was a tan colored sack. "This rock is able to be infused with chakra, making it so that it can track its wielder and come to it when in a battle. Also, anyone that touches the blade will be sparked with a high voltage of electricity. Give me your hand for a minute." The boy took a calloused hand into his before opening the bag. "Just a second." Taking out one piece of the pale yet some how bold, dull yet sparkling brilliantly, multicolored rock. Holding the rock just above the blacksmith's hand, he continued to force some of the man's chakra out of his system. He gasped in surprise as some of his energy left his already low amount. The forced out chakra made it's way into the rock, being absorbed into it. After a second or two of this, his hand was removed and the interesting rock placed back into the bag. The Blacksmith had to catch his breath after some of his chakra had been removed from him. With a questioning look towards Naruto, urging the boy to explain, the sound of talking once again filled the air. "I made it so that you could touch the rocks and sword when it's been made. If I didn't do that, the sword could never be found." With that sentence, the the blacksmiths opinion of Naruto raised. He had said 'the sword could never be found' not what people normally said which is 'the sword would never be made'.

"Boy," He said. "I'll make your this sword for you for free. Few earn my respect and you just happened to be one of those few. When do you expect to be back?" He questioned

"Heh, about a week old man. I gotta get to my mission. Well, seeya!" The kid ran out of the shop, heading to the west gate as the man just shook his head at how much energy his new customer had.

Walking on the rooftops, Naruto took out his mission scroll and began reading. Re-closing it and setting it aflame with a quick kanton jutsu. The mission seemed easy enough. A trip to some place called 'Suremiki' (made up), battle the guy, bring back his head. Fighting this Endo person seemed to be the most difficult part of his mission.

Arriving at the gate, he waved good bye to the two shinobi that must have annoyed Tsunade recently before leaving the village. Mission time!

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