Naruto goes to London

Naruto Black Butler Crossover. Naruto finds a seal that teleports him to... LONDON!!! More specifically, right in front of everyone's favorite demon butler


3. Bring Him Back


'Well, what should I do here?' The demon thought to himself, a confused look grazing his fetchers. It's not every day some random person pops out of nowhere, landing right in front of you. He laid three graceful fingers on the other's chest to check his breathing. "Huh. So he isn't dead. Well then, maybe I should go tell the young master about our new… guest."

The demon lifted up the unconscious person's body and made his way over to his master's chamber, ascending the long staircase and passing their house maid on the way. Mey-rin stared at the two before a blush covered her face and she went running to tell her fellow workers about the mysterious newcomer.

"Young master. I believe you would like to know about this certain man that has appeared in the mansion." The demon announced as he walked into his master's chambers.

Looking at the desk, he saw the young boy with an eye patch look at the blond in his arms and the single seen eye went wide before returning to its normal size.

"How did he get here." The boy demanded. Not many people were able to enter into his mansion without the knowledge of his demon butler. To see that this boy was able to was just astonishing.

"I don't know. He appeared in front of me before I knocked him out with a strike to the neck. I believe he may have done a reverse summoning to get here as I felt a twitch in my hand, but the boy is merely human. I have no idea where he could have come across one."

Ceil didn't looked surprised in the slightest. That is, unless you knew him. Then you would be able to see how stunned he actually was.

"When he awakens, ask what happened. We can't have people appearing randomly. It would jeopardize the mansion."

"Of course, Young Master. Now, on to more important matters, what type of dessert would you like today."

"Crème Brule." Answered Ciel.

"Yes, right away Master." The demon turned and left his master in his chambers to prepare the desserts.

1 hour later…

'Dang headache! Why hasn't Kurama healed it by now?' Naruto heard snickering in the back of his mind, coming from a amused fox demon. 'Well, what's so funny?'

More was heard before the boy finally snapped.

'Tell Me!'

'Fine. You reverse summoned yourself to and landed near another demon. I don't know who he is, but this guy is a loyal one. Most likely has a master to serve until their contract is finished. Plus, it's a very strong contract at that.'

'Contract? What's that?' Naruto thought through their mind link.

'A contract will vary depending on what the summoner is wanting accomplished. Seeing as how strong it is, once the purpose of the contract is complete, the soul of the human will be taken. This human also has a very strong soul, if you were wondering.'

'Huh, interesting. Anyways, what do you think I should do? Leave and try to get back to Konoha or stay and see what they know?'

"Stay. Konoha can wait and you never know when you will meet a loyal demon again. This is actually very rare. I had been forced into a contract, but I was never loyal, if you couldn't tell. I would do whatever I could to get away from that guy and, in the end, I succeeded. He released me and summoned a different demon. Heh, he was killed the next day. That was also when I went and was forced into Madara's control the first time."

'Wow. Thanks for telling me more about your life! You're normally all reserved about that kinda stuff.'

"Guess I am. Well kit, I'll talk to you later. The demon is coming in to check on you and I think you should 'wake up'."

'Alright Kyu.'

Naruto cut the mind link between him and his friend before 'regaining consciousness' just as the door opened. A man with red eyes and a suit entered the room. He had white gloves and an angular face that gave him both a feminine look (deal with it) and one that is very masculine at the same time.

He didn't look strong but, being a shinobi, Naruto could tell that he was stronger than guy when it came to physical strength while he had more flexibility that Orochimaru, something he never thought was possible.

"Ah, I see that you are awake. Mey-rin, please announce to the young master that his guest has awoken." The girl that was looking in through a crack in the doorway yipped at being found out and ran off to do as she was told. "Now then, the young master would like to know what has brought you here, care to say?"

Sebastian's POV

The blond rubbed the back of his neck in a nervous fashion. I wonder what happened to do this. I do hope he will hurry with his story though, it is almost time for master Ciel's bedtime. He is a growing boy, you know.

"Well, I don't really know what happened." He must be from around here if he can speak English so fluently. "One second I was getting ready to go back to my village, the next I was here. Kura-chan said I reverse summoned myself or something like that. Kinda like what the toads did to me so many times before."

I wonder what he meant when he said toads. And who is this Kura-chan. How was he talking to her when he was knocked out? What an interesting boy this one is.

"Anyways, Kura-chan said to stay here for some time before going back to Konoha, is that alright? Just so you know, even if you say not to, I will." There he goes with the 'Kura-chan' again. I really do wonder who she is.

"I will have to talk to Master Ciel. He will decide whether you stay or not. And, if he says you go, I will make sure you do." Surprisingly, when I said the last part of that with my partly demon voice, he didn't flinch or look scared in the slightest. Once again, this is an interesting boy. "Now, come with me. The master will see to you."

Back in Konohagakure

'Naruto should have been back by now! Dang brat's gonna pay for this! His toad got here a full day ago and it only takes one day to get back! This had better not give me any more paper work.'

A certain blond haired Hokage thought as she sat at her desk, drinking from her secret stash of sake that always seemed to miss Shizune's careful search.

'Good thing business is slow today. Shizune would have come in already and caught me.' The silence lasted for just a moment longer until there was a knock on the door. Tsunade quickly put her bottles away just in case is was Shizune. It wasn't. Instead, the one who stood in the doorway was her own perverted ex-teammate who surprisingly used the door for once.

"What?" Jiraiya got straight to the point.

"Naruto isn't in this nation anymore."

"And how do you know this?"

"The toad contract. His blood turned blue on it so he has left the summoning area, which is just over the entire Shinobi Nations. He isn't dead or his blood would be black, so we still have a chance of finding him." Tsunade took a moment to digest this information before calling for some ANBU to collect the council and Naruto's friends. Neji was there in moments, having seen Tsunade panicking within range of his Byakugan.

"What's happening Hokage-sama? Will the village be under attack?"

"No. Worse."

Now Neji was really panicking. 'Worse than the village being attacked? Did Naruto die or something?' He was about to hyperventilate before realizing that Tsunade wasn't crying, so Naruto was alive. 'Then what happened?'

"I'll tell everyone when they're here. I'll only say it once." With that said, she took out a bottle of sake and began gulping it down. Neji debated stopping her, calling Shizune or just letting her continue. He decided to let her continue. If this really was terrible news she had to deliver, the blonde Hokage would need it.

Sakura was the next to arrive. Then Sai, then Hinata. The second Ino-Shika-Cho was after that. The rest of Hinata's team were before Tenten and then the two most 'youthful' people besides Naruto came in. Then were the sensei's of teams 7,8, and 10.

"Ano, why'd you call us all here Hokage-sama? Did something happen to Naruto?"

"I will tell you in a moment Kakashi-san and, yes, something did happen to that knucklehead. He has completely left the Shinobi Nations." A chorus of 'What?'s and 'Huh?'s could be heard as the shinobi worked through this new information. Surprisingly, that took a while. People have been starting to think that their blond friend was invincible.

"Naruto has gone missing. He is still alive, that much we know, but he isn't in the Elemental Nations anymore. You all will have the mission of finding him and bringing him back. We have contacted a place called 'Japan' and will go with them to find Naruto. Each team will be sent to a different nation. All of you will have 'cell phones' to stay in contact with each other and us. To get to 'Japan', you have to go through one of Jiraiya's seals. Japan is a long ways away from here and we believe this is the fastest way. Also, it turns out that we are in a place they call the 'Bermuda Triangle'. Our chakra disrupts some of their 'technology' it would seem, so don't use it when you go out to the different nations. There's also another thing. The Bermuda triangle is quite interesting. It is somewhat like an area that manipulates space, making it seem smaller than it actually is. That should answer further questions for when you see it on a map. The people from Japan will supply you with clothes from their world and teach you about some things that happen there and around the world. Good luck. Now, bring back Naruto!"

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