Stars Can't Shine Without Darkness

One grey rose along the side
of a grey stone path in a grey
washed out world. At least thats
the only way I saw my world,
in grey.But this one grey rose
had life to me,was life to me.
It was the only one grey object
that didn't stand alongside the
grey washed out world with its
grey rules set grey stone. This
one grey rose was destiny in grey.
That grey rose is Sophie Delorees


1. Grey is the loneliest colour


My mother says I’m colour blind,and that I’m just a mistake because of it. I’ve never seen colour, I just live on an almost blank,grey canvas. A canvas that I have never stepped away from. The painter of this canvas gave no life to it ,and I’m just a smudge that he has tried to blend into the other shades of grey ,so me being such a mistake wouldn't stand out. 

Tonight he decided to to paint the sky as a completely blank canvas of the darkest shade of grey. Every night I lay on a soft, embracing strip of grass, I stare into the sky and look past the slight quiver in the dome that encases us on this canvas, into the stars until my mind slips away into darkness and immerses me in a new world.This one patch of grass I lay in has grown the most beautiful mistake. The one grey object in this one grey washed out world that has life to me, is life to me. There was one grey rose that sat upon a grey stone path leading you into strict rules set in grey stone.


I lay beside this one grey rose concentrating intently on the vacant night sky trying to find a sign of even one star amongst the darkness, a piece of the atmosphere that could share my seclusion. But no sign of a lighter shade appeared amongst the night sky that shared a place with me on this canvas. I tilted my head slightly to face the secluded area outside the quivering dome. My eyes narrowed in concentration as I scanned the distant landscape until I reached the horizon. And in the distant in the very outskirts of the night sky, I saw in my peripheral vision a bright twinkling star. I search every night for these because stars gave me hope, that even though there is no colour on this in my world, there is still a glimmer of hope.

I detached myself from the pillow like surface and balanced myself as I stood on my feet. I stared back down at the rose and gave a slight smile, something that rarely occurs. I started back to my small house a few buildings down and crept in through the large window on the back wall of my bedroom.


I slipped into bed and isolated myself from all my surroundings as I let myself float away and into the stars.


A slit of light lay upon my slightly ajar eyelids, forcing me to shut them once again, letting myself drift back into a light sleep. “Sofia”, my name blasted out from behind my door, rudely interrupting my peaceful sleep. I hated when I got called that. “My name is Sophie” I whispered under my breath, not meant for other ears. “Get out of bed”, my mother continued to blare, triggering my memory that a town meeting was taking place early this morning. I shot out of bed and began to change as the chilled winters morning gripped my skin. After I was dressed my eyes were diverted to my window. My body was still as I watched the most imperfectly perfect snowflakes drift down to the stone hard surface. I shot over to my window to understand how the snowflakes have broken through the dome. I stared upward to the brightly lit sky and realised the familiar quiver of the dome. To my amazement, the it had separated as the snowflake came in contact with it, giving the cold substance room to drift through. My eyes glimmered with delight in seeing such a spectacular happening. The harsh realisation soon hit me though that I was meant to be leaving for the meeting.I broke my gaze from the falling snowflakes and slowly vacated my room.


My boot crunched on the crisp and delicate flakes flooding the ground. I slowly stepped over the crushed ice until a met with my mother, father and 16 year old sister who stood staring at me with narrow eyes that could pierce through human flesh, the feeling that occupied my body at this moment. We began to walk down the frozen slope, making out way to the extensive town square, a waste of space in my eyes. Silence filled the atmosphere around us as we stepped through extensively thick snow until my mother broke the quiet. “ Where were you last night”, she questioned, looking for any way possible punish me. “In bed” I managed to squeak out, quieter than I anticipated. “Speak up”my mother demanded. “If you are going to whisper to me than you might as well be a mouse, timid and silent, at least you wouldn’t waste the little space we already have”she voiced her opinion, not caring of my emotions. She believed mistakes like me lacked human emotion. But I didn't give her the cruel satisfaction of me being hurt. “ In bed” I spoke up. “ Don’t lie to me Sofia, we all know you were not” mother articulated for every other soul on the street to hear. “ I was out, sitting on the the grass, up the street”I informed her. “ You know curfew, and you know not to break it, we have given you a roof over your head, if you want to be on the street so much, let me lock you out there where your parents left you” she shrieked, infuriated at me. A grey salty tear dripped from my face and fell into the snow, relieved to be free from my trapped body.

Vague memories of my parents flooded my mind. The cruel women who I lived with was not my mother, my parents disappeared one night when I was only 4. She had taken me in that night and gave me shelter, food and clothes for the past painstakingly long 12 years of my life. Now I somehow owed her. I knew my parents didn’t just leave me though. 


I was silent until the Warden arrived and took his place at the podium on stage. His voice radiated through the towns square as his dull grey face greeted us in same opening line. Greeting good inhabitants of this land. He continued to give the weekly news which consisted of nothing of use. Nothing ever happened in our grey town.”We have gathered here today for me to inform you that you will not exit your house from the hours nine pm to 4 am tomorrow morning. I narrowed my eyes at his and for a brief moment, his eyes met mine, as if he knew my suspicions, although, he did not further explain but left the podium as the towns people flooded back to there house.


Footsteps from the leading crowd paved the up hill.I stood, my face lifeless as I felt my heart sink deep into dark oblivion. I waited until every living soul had left and I was alone, my numb feet sinking in chilling blanket of snow that enveloped the surfaced of our enclosed town.

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