Kekkei Genkai's of an Uzumaki

Naruto has a dojutsu... no explanation needed. StrongNaruto


1. The Subete no Kopi no Me

'Man I'm tired... yesterday's training with Gai was not easy... Wonder if I have food today? Hope so!' I walked into the kitchen. On the shelf sat a lone cup of ramen, coated in dust with holes from rats. That was the only part that I never go to. Everywhere else is sparkling clean and unbelievably bare. I spare a look at my fridge, trying to remember if there was anything in it. The answer being a definite maybe, I went to check.

'... I have some meat still! This is great!' I tenderized some if the slab, hitting it with a wooden block as not to touch it (it really is bad to touch the stuff too much) before putting it on a pan. Turning away from the cooking meal, I went over to my plants sitting by the window. There was parsley, basil, and rosemary. Grabbing bits of each, I walked back to the stove. Beside was a small wooden cabinet holding some of my self dried and self grown herbs. Taking a pinch from the ground pepper, I sprinkled it over the cooking meat.

'Ahh… smells great! Just need some fruit to make it perfect!' Smiling, I jumped out of the window, running on the roofs to the forest/area with the best fruits available. The forest of death.

Growing closer to the gates, I noticed that a weird purple haired lady was entering through one of the gates, seven if I'm correct. Thats the best entrance to go to if your wanting to get to the center fast, so I rarely use it. The one with the best fruits is number six and the one with the most dangerous animals like to fight is near 21. I tend to go there alot, but not right now. I'm gonna have to hurry if i don't want the food to cook for too long! That reminds me, Better get going!

Entering Six, I ran a straight course forwards. Strat because, contrary to many beliefs about the area, winding around means a pain filled death by the hands of a giant something-or-other. Literally. I tried this once just to fight a giant centipede that wanted to eat me. The only reason I escaped was thanks to a random vine dangling down. Of course, this wasn't an actual vine, more like a snake that was only a baby, but its close enough. Besides, he didn't even try to kill me so we became great friends! But enough of this backstory, the fruit is right in front of me, guarded by a group of hillomanturous. They're special to this forest since at first, it was a mixed breed of a hippo, rhino, giant centipede, and a giant spider that fell into a poisoned body of water nearly killing the mix before altering it even more. Now there's a lot of them. Don't ask how… I don't know. The good thing is that this isn't a problem for me. The youngest one is really nice so we made friends in minutes of being close to the other. Now, just need to collect the fruit and be on my way.

Time skip (i lost track of what I was doing there… sorry)

"Yay! Time to dig in!" He did as he said and started the meal, his first in two days. The fork inches from his mouth and then *BANG BANG BANG!* someone pounded on the door.


'Ugh… I forgot we had training today. I even made food this time! Well, nothing I can do about it. There must be someone that I can give it to…' I thought before yelling out to the girl "ONE SECOND! BE OUT IN A MINUTE!" packing away the meal I remembered how there was this one seal that i found in the library for storing foods. Supposedly, when unsealed, they come out as fresh as the day they were put in. I had already memorized the seal after the first look so it wouldn't take long to draw it. Actually, it's pretty simple. The outside shape is a triangle with a spiral coming out of each point. On the inside is lines connecting the point to the flat part on the opposite side. The triangles formed by those lines also have a triangle in each of them. The only difference is that, instead of solid lines, they are tiny kanji characters. I drew a quick but accurate copy of it on my counter before sealing in the food.

"NARUTO! OUT! NOW!" I knew that if I didn't comply, she would have my head on a stick.

"COMING!" I yelled before sprinting to the door, the sudden movement giving me a head rush. 'Weird… haven't had one of those in a while!' I reached the door just in time for it to open and bang me in the head. Falling back on my but, I grabbed my head and a kunai to hit the intruder with. Something wet coated my fingers before I completely understood what was going on. Eyes flashing purple, I threw the weapon strait at the person before registering who exactly it was. Upon seeing the chakra of a certain pinkette I shot out some chakra to block protect the girl from my blade before promptly passing out cold, the last thought on my mind being 'I hope that she's okay…'

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