Kekkei Genkai's of an Uzumaki

Naruto has a dojutsu... no explanation needed. StrongNaruto


2. Learning

'Ugh… my head! What happened? I was eating… huh. Then it just goes blank. Oh, what ever! It's really dark in here. Wonder if I fell asleep? No, there was food. I wouldn't do that.' Naruto twitched his finger before realization dawned on him. "A cord is connected to my hand! Where would I be for this? A lab… no. Hospital? Probably! But the lights are almost always on in the hospital!' The blond tried to blink before realizing that his eyes were closed. 'Oh… that's why. Heh.' He thought about continuing to sleep but decided against it as he heard shuffling on the other end of his room. Eyes becoming a shade of light purple, he sent out an virtually undetectable burst of chakra to sense who was in the room with him. A figure with tall hair was sitting on a chair about seven feet from the blond with a book in hand. Kakashi. The boy's eyes mentally widened in surprise. 'Why's he here? Shouldn't he be training Sasuke? Kami knows that the boy needs it. He has to beat his brother!'

"Naruto.. I'm sorry. You never showed anyone how sick you were, nor for how long you have been. I'd love to know how you were still standing by the time we came to get you. Really, six weeks and yet you never acted any different than before at the academy. Yes, I did see you there. Those teachers loved making you fail, huh. Well, maybe I should get going. It's almost time to meet up with the team, eight o'clock." He stood up and walked over to the blond. Leaning down, he placed a kiss on the boys forehead, walking away right after, leaving out the window. Just as his foot left, Naruto opened his stunned blue eyes.

"What.. The heck… just happened? Kyu, you see that or was it just me?" A yawn could be heard if you just happened to be inside of the boys mind. Its source was seen just seconds later by the blond.

"Why'd you wake me up boy? I was having a great dream!"

'Oh, so you don't know what happened? dang it. Oh well… anyways, I just woke up and, well, I'm in the hospital. Can't really remember what happened to get here but oh well! I don't think you had been up at that time so you won't be much help… Kaka-sensei might know since he was here when I woke up. Hey! I just remembered! Sensei said that I was sick, did you know?'

"No. Naruto, you can't get sick. I stop that from happening! Ever!"

'Huh? Them why have I been feeling worn out lately? Isn't that what happens when someone gets sick?' The blond looked confused as he had never had a illness before then. 'Kyu, what's happened? Can you find anything?'

"One second kit, I'm checking." Silence was the only thing audible for the next few seconds as the giant fox conducted his diagnostics of the blond boy. 'Boy, what have you done to yourself? I cant find anything wrong in your blood or any organs… nope, nothing. Can you remember what happened yet? We may be able to find out what went wrong." He started to process everything that happened before he was knocked out… 'That's IT! I was knocked out! A door hit me as I was moving to open it to let in… There was a banshee… Sakura! Sakura had been knocking on the door when I was about to eat so he went to get it after sealing away my food. The door opened right as I was about to open it, catching me off guard. Then, on instinct, I threw a kunai at her before seeing who, exactly, it was! Then I somehow stopped it before passing out! That was it! Kyu, what do you think happened? How did I stop the kunai?' He questioned to his tenant.

"One second kit, I'm checking. Your chakra control shouldn't be good enough for that yet and I can't find a kekkei genkai in your arms or torso.. thats it! You have a Dojutsu! I haven't ever seen this one before but it isnt the sharingan or the byakugan. We won't know what exactly it will do or look like unless you activate it, but I suggest you do that when no one is around to see. We don't want anyone finding out, at least for now."

"REALLY! I HAVE A DOJUTSU! THAT'S SO AWESOME! I WONDER WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE?! WHAT DO YOU THINK IT DOES?! HUH KYU?!" The boys ranting about what it would be like went on and on as the fox demon tuned out due to boredom.

Naruto ranted for the next few moments before finally the fox had enough. "SHUT UP! JUST SHUT UP ALREADY! I'M TIRED LISTENING TO YOU! DONT MAKE ME TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR BODY TO ALERT PEOPLE YOU'RE AWAKE! I'LL DO IT!" If you looked into a certain boy's mind, you would see a fox trying to knock himself out by banging his head against the wall. Finally, as silence fell upon the boy's mind and its 'landscape', both the fox and the boy were able to think clearly. Deciding that it would be best to leave the hospital rather than stay, they did just that, left I mean. Jumped straight out the window. The only problem with that was how, for some reason that both you and them will find out later, he wasn't able to use his chakra correctly. He figured this out with his first try and almost crashing into the side of the building. Avoiding a very large potential accident, he decided not to use any of it until they both (fox and boy) knew all that was going on.

After making a very large crater in the ground, Naruto proceeded to run to the nearest section of woods he could get to before hitting an all out sprint. After reaching about seven miles, he stopped in a clearing as walked to the center of it. 'Alright Kyu, I'm gonna try it now." A nod of approval later, the boy channeled chakra to his eyes. A swirling purple took over the formerly blue eyes. Different shades of the base color taking up all of the iris' space as a light blue filled the formerly white area. Tiny black dots surrounded the purple iris on its outside and the pupil had a wispy silver color filling it. Naruto's vision improved tenfold and he was able to see the butterfly's wing in perfect clarity from forty feet away. Naruto did the only thing he could do in his position. Gasp.

'Wow… I really do have a kekkei genkai! Who woulda thought!'

"What else can it do? I mean, there must be more! The sharingan can copy jutsus and the byakugan can see a person's chakra."

'Huh, don't know yet. It'll be impossible to find out what it does right now since we don't know what it's called and we can't find that out without either someone knowing that I activated it or knowing what it can do, which leads to either the former point or telling everyone, and that last one's not happening. What do you suggest Kyuu?" The fox stayed in a thoughtful silence for the next few moments as he tried to figure out what to do.

"Go to the old man for now and tell him. Ask to keep it a secret until you know more about it. That way you can learn more about it and, if you needed to use it for some reason on a mission, he won't be in complete surprise. This is some what of a protection method. So, how 'bout it?" Both beings fell into a thoughtful silence before a sound of agreement came from the human of the two. "Good. Now that that's decided, lets go see the leader."

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