The Pranksters Team

This was a challenge I was given. Anko is in the same age group as Naruto and they are on a team together with Kakashi and Ayame (OC). Semi-pervertedNaruto


2. The 'Prank'

"HEY! Come sit over here!" The blond called out to his new team-mate Anko. He arrived at the school just minutes before the bell and her, seconds. Seeing as Iruka hadn't arrived yet, she was safe from a lecture.

With a smile, the girl that was called came to her new team-mate. "Wasup?" He smiled.

"Nothing. Who do you think out sensei will be? Hope it isn't a perv.."

"Hey! Listen up! Our dear Iruka's sick today, so I am in command of you twerps. You new sensei's should be here in an hour so you just gotta deal with it. Name's Eiji Niigata." A tall, black haired guy said as he walked into the classroom. He was wearing a trench coat with white stripes going down its back. His Hitai-ate was tied around as his belt with a white strap. "Alright twerps, your sensei for team… (skipping to 7) Team seven's got a fun one, huh? Sensei's Hatake Kakashi. Good luck you three. 8 has Yuhi Kurenai as a sensei. 10 has Sarutobi Asuma. Good luck to you all and try not to die." With that, the substitute teacher walked out and went on his marry way. All of the newly made genin began talking with each other, wondering who their sensei will be. Naruto turned to his neighbor and team-mate.

"Do ya think we should go talk to Ayame and try to get that stick out of her butt or just sit here? I mean, it would be annoying to now, but even more annoying later after we have had to deal with all of her shit." Both kids fell into thought about what to do with their team-mate before deciding to try. Of course, their way of 'hello' is much different then most peoples, and not always welcomed. Both drew up behind their newly appointed team-mate, grinning an evil grin.


'Why do I have to be on their team! It would be sooo much faster to become an ANBU without them holding me back! I have the dead last on my team as well as psycho-bitch! To make it worse, both are considered the ultimate pranksters of our village! BOTH! How will I survive….' I made a pouting face before deciding that it would just look weird on me. Hearing a laugh coming from directly behind me, I stiffened, preparing for the worst. What i was not expecting was someone to throw their arms around me and lick my ear. 'Definitely Anko.' I thought. 'Who else would do this?' I was about to move away from the contact before a saw a certain purple hair girl in front of me, not behind where I thought she was. I felt my eyes widen. 'If Anko's there, the Naruto's...' I could feel my face rise about thirty degrees. The warm and wet sensation on my ear and the arms that had been placed around me suddenly becoming more prominent. Quickly, before I was gone too far into the feelings, I jerked away from the boy, unsurprisingly landing in the arms of my other team-mate. Anko smirked.

Normal POV

"Huh, so you like being with a girl, huh?" The poor girl's face heated up even more before both Anko and Naruto burst into laughter and highfived. Everyone in the class looked at them like they were crazy, which they are.

"What? Both said." The rest of the few students that weren't looking at them like they were loonatics now did. Both grinned predatory grins. Naruto of a fox and Anko of a sadistic killer making everyone shudder and pity the poor girl that was placed on their team while other more perverted ones wanted to be in her place. The one that is actually on their team just wanted to die a painless death in her sleep since she knew that living with these freaks would be impossible. Curling into a ball to wait for her death, she sat there for the next few hours waiting for her sensei.

Naruto's POV

'Dang it. She's left this world for now… Now Who Should We Mess With!' I looked at Anko who just glanced to the left side of the room before nodding. I did the same to see who she was signaling to annoy. Bug-boy, AKA Shino. If we could get him both out of his shell and even the tiniest bit angry, we will be known around the shinobi nations as the two that could get a reaction out of even the most emotionless people, seeing as the Aburame family has been known to never show emotion, even in the toughest of situations they are unbreakable. Us two pranksters might just get into even the Bingo Book for this! We turned our own personal grins to their next victim who in turn began to sweat and back away. Not that anyone noticed the sweating part of it. Anko was the first to advance on him, swaying her hips seductively and her head moving with the movement. She lifted a hand up to brush some of her hair out of her face, covering her eyes for just a second yet allowing Shino enough time to begin running, or at least fast walk, away from her. Sadly, for him, us two devils helpers had planned for that. I made a move to block the other boys movement jumping in front of the escaping boy with my hand out. It 'just so happened' that my hand landed on the lower part of the other boys stomach, dangerously close to his 'man parts'. That glint in my eye when I was licking Ayame's ear was back and it was making a shiver run down the Aburame heir's spine. It was just hilarious to watch. Deciding that I should do these type of 'pranks' more often I began to plan for the next person. A pervert just wouldn't do, but, if my sensei isn't a perv, he would work.

Getting back into the moment, I grabbed his long coller, bunching it into my fist to hold the other boy there with me, my hair in the crook of Shino's neck while Anko came up behind and grabbed him around the center, pushing herself up close to the self conscious boy.

"Do you want to play Shino?" She whispered seductively in his ear. "It could be with either or…" she waited for a bit, adding to the drama. "hehe, both of us." Our vict- ehem, playmates face grew red at the thought. Anko and I looked at each other with a smirk before setting a genjutsu on our 'friend'. As he was frozen to the spot, unable to detect the jutsu that was used on him, the two moved on to their next target. Uchiha Sasuke. The prick was able to annoy both Anko and I, so he is in for a big nightmare, or at least a little embarrassment. I found out just the other day that the guy was a big pervert and am really wanting to use it against the duck butt. I also found out that the person all of the girls swoon over is kind of, well, uke-ish (bottom). I have to say, that was probably one of the best things I have ever had to use for blackmail! I mean, the guy wants to 'revive his clan'! How does he expect to do that when he isn't even planning on being the seme (top) in a relationship with another guy! That kid's just messed up. I had just started to make my way over to the raven but was stopped as one of the senseis came in to take away their team, one member who just so happened to be our next pray. Eh, what ever. He wouldn't be any fun anyway. I walked over to my seat before lying down on the desk, stretched out for the world to see. They couldn't see very much because of my baggy outfit, but still. Anko came up and sat in my seat before placing her feet on my stomach and tilting back in her chair. I smiled peacefully before falling into a short sleep to wait for our sensei to come.


Or not that short. I woke up about two hours later to find a person on me, sleeping, and Ayame sitting in a chair, dazed. The worst part? Our new sensei wasn't even here yet! I mean, come on! He/she deserves to be pranked!

Wait. Yep, now I have an idea! Grinning my foxish grin, I removed Anko from ontop of me before gently replacing her on the desk beside where I just laying. Once she was well situated, I moved towards the door, grinning all the while.

One step onto the ground floor and Ayame woke up from her trance, fear evident in her eyes. I really should apologize for that… Maybe later. Right now, I have a prank to pull.

'Ink, check. Buckets? Check. Feathers, check. Dust, check. Glue? OF COURSE! Invisible string? Don't go anywhere without it! Ummm… what else…. a kunai would be to much… chair? Sure, why not.' I grabbed a chair that was next to me and tied it up above the door with wire. The leg of the chair was tied to the door so that when it opened, the wire would snap and the chair would drop. Above the door on a ledge was the bucket filled with glue. This was attached to the chair. When the chair hits the ground it will pull the bucket. More string connected to the dust and the feathers. 'I think you can guess what will happen. Then there was the ink. I dont really know what to do with it, so I decided to leave it for later. Now, all I have to do is wait.'

30 minutes later

'Anko has woken up and saw the chair above the door. She asked me about it and I just said to wait. She'll have to see what happens when he gets here! And he should be here soon. I'm getting tired of waiting to see my prank.'

Another 5

'The door's opening… the chair's falling! *BOOM!* SUCCESS! Now the glue's dumping of of it's bucket! *Splash* And its all over him! This is going better than expected! Guy's covered in feathers and dust! But maybe I went over board. He's been knocked out. Should I use the ink to wake him up? I dont have any water…. eh, why not.' The ink was splashed onto his face and mask, turning everything orange. I mean, really. What color did you expect? Ayame's looking at me like she's angry… Well, she'll just have to get over it. He's up now isn't he?'

"Ugh… what hit me?" The guy- Kakashi I think was his name- said. He saw me first and realization sparked in his eye. He looked around at the mess I made before getting up. 'Hehe, didn't even look to see what he looks like!' "Oh, well, I don't like this group. Meet me on the roof in two minutes." The second he vanished in a poof, Anko and I fell to the ground laughing. Ayame looked at us like we were freaks before leaving and I pulled Anko after me on the way up. She was still on the ground.

"Idiots" I heard Ayame say. 'Oh, I'm gonna get her for that.' a evil grin was present on my face and was soon joined with Anko's as she understood what I was thinking. Our teammate was going to go through the 7 parts of purgatory.

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