People Hate Prada


1. Single

"Where is my purse?!" I growl, my voice ringing out through the over-sized house I purchased last year. It was an impulse buy, but as a 17 year old heiress, those weren't too uncommon.

I heard footsteps trailing down the stairs and I watched Brynn, my little old housemaid, scurry down the stairs with my brand new Prada bag in tote. Being an heiress certainly had its perks.

"Here it is Ms. Summers, I'll have dinner ready for you when you get back."

"Thank you Brynn." I said curtly as I marched out the door in my Jimmy Choo sandals and adjusted my Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses on my face. I pulled out the keys to my Porsche and hopped in, speeding away with a satisfactory vroom from the engine.

Finally making it to the Starbucks where I was headed, I parked my car as close as I could and strolled inside where my friend Juliette was holding our regular table by the window.

"Jul!" I called to her, "Let me order really quickly and I'll come join you!"

She nodded her vibrant brunette head in my direction and I headed to the counter where I ordered my standard quad venti half caf breve no foam with whip two splenda stirred skinny three pump peppermint mocha.

Stomping over the table I embraced Juliette and kissed her on both cheeks.

"Muah, muah!"

"Darling I haven't seen you in forever!" She squealed at me although we had seen each other just last night.

"Eeepp, I know!! I was so excited to come!!" I replied, the obvious fakeness of our friendship apparent to those around us. We were just two rich girls, socialites, getting together to try and one up each other for the spotlight, and as far as everyone was concerned, Juliette was my only competition.

Most people don't dress up to go to Starbucks with a friend, but I had on all my newest designer labels, my stunning blue eyes were lined immaculately, and my silky blonde hair was completed with beachy waves. As expected, Juliette had done the same, her standout green eyes had a smokey finish to them and her long hair was tied up in a complicated string of braids.

"You will never guess what was all over twitter this morning." She told me in a low, mischievous tone.

I could guess, I had been on twitter this morning.

"Oh my goodness, what?" I replied shrilly, fake excitement in my eyes.

"This article about you! It says that you are like the next Paris Hilton, can you believe that?"

She passed her iPhone 6 across the table to me, earning a few shocked looks from costumers around the room. The iPhone 6 still hadn't been released even though we had both gotten our little heiress fingers on them.

I quickly reread through the article and passed the phone back to her, ignoring the look of jealousy on her face. Paris Hilton was the ultimate heiress and socialite who we all aspired to be like, so being called the next Paris Hilton pretty much gave me the edge over Juliette.

"Wow, that's amazing." I told her, a smirk forming on my lips, "I can see the headlines now, Vanessa Summers takes Paris Hilton's spot as head of the Socialite Board" Letting out a slight giggle, I examined her face.

"I wouldn't take it that far," She retorted, "You did read the whole article didn't you? It says that you can't be taken seriously until you have a seriously famous boy toy." She shrugged her shoulders before continuing, "I mean, every socialite needs a boyfriend. Like I'm dating Zac Efron, that one girl Brie is dating Taylor Lautner. See? It's a must."

"Well then who would you suggest as a boyfriend for me?" I asked timidly, my feeling of power fading before my eyes.

"I don't know," she said nonchalantly, sipping her drink, "some of the members of that breakthrough boyband One Direction are cute, I have the curly haired one's number if you want it."

I gave her a quick look of disbelief before regaining my composure.

Clearing my throat, I said, "Text it to me, I don't know if I'll call him though, I'm not a big fan of mop heads."

Lie. I loved boys with curly hair.

She quirked an eyebrow before replying, "Alright, but I'm pretty sure you're going to call him. Just intuition." And a second later I had a new text in my inbox from Juliette.

Harry Style's Number: 980.555.5555

Don't lose it!! Don't leak it!!

Bitch probably gave me a fake number...oh well.

"Okay Jul, it's almost 4:30," I said, shaking my head, "I need to go--"

"Nessa, wait. I actually do think you should call Harry. I mean, I know we do this thing where we try to screw each other over and whatever, but I think you two could be the world's new power couple, but anyway, I should go too, I have a red carpet event with Zac tonight that I need to get ready for. If you can scrounge up a date, you can come too, it's at one of my dad's hotels, just say you're with me and text me if you're coming."

"Ermm, okay, thanks...I'll go if I can find someone to go with..."

"Great, talk to you later." She hollered over her shoulder, her heels clicking as she sped out of the Starbucks only to be greeted by paparazzi screaming her name outside.

Grabbing my barely sipped out of drink, I clambered towards the back entrance and ran to the shelter of my car where I quickly dialed the number Juliette had given me.

Ring...Ring...Ring..."Hello?" A deep male voice with a heavy British accent answered.

"Hi, this is Vanessa Summers, I'm sure you've heard of me." I trilled sweetly into the phone.

"Yes, I've heard of you...why are you calling?"

"Because I need a little favor...itsy bitsy, I promise."

"And that would be..."

"I need you to go to a red carpet event with me...just tonight. We don't even have to stay for long and it would help your publicity as well."

"Why do you need me to go?"

"Because you are the British crumpet that every girl wants to take on the red carpet with them, and we don't even have to say we're together or anything, I just need you to go...with me."

There was a long pause on the other end of the phone.

"I'm only doing this because you're hot, okay?" He groaned into the phone allowing me to breathe a sigh of relief, "What time should I meet you, and where should I meet're lucky I'm in California right now or you wouldn't have a date."

"I know, I know, just meet me at 8:30 at my house, I'll text you the address." I said, hanging up the phone and putting the key in the ignition. I rolled my eyes. Self entitled British brat. I sent him a quick text giving him my address.

My address: 4598 Manor Drive. It's the biggest house around, can't miss it. 8:30 tonight, wear a suit, I'll arrange for the limo so all you have to do is show up. xx -Vanessa

Scrolling through my messages I sent one more text to my best frenemy.

Looks like Harry's interested! See you tonight! Kisses! -Nes

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