Leaving the Chaos

Naruto is fed up with Konoha and how he is treated by them and how they treat his friends. What is his solution? Leave. Who will come after him? What do they find out? Strong!Naruto Semi-sadisticNaruto


4. Knowledge


"What do you want Kiba-san?" The Dog-boy looked at the speaker angrily. Taking a deep breath, he spoke, saying just two simple yet powerful words.

"Naruto left." Hinata stumbled back, landing on her butt while Shino blinked afue unseen times before speaking.

"What did you say? I think that I heard wrong."

"I dont think you did. I said Naruto. Left. He left the village behind for some reason. Sakura told me this and then said to check out his apartment. It's terrible." He stared into space as though looking back at the room of his friend before continuing to speak. "Blood stains, shattered glass, torture tools. Everything you can imagine in a torture chamber was there. The worst part being, not all of it was new. Some, yes, but other smelled years old. All of it had been hidden by a genjutsu. Not even sensei had been able to detect it whenever she entered his house." The boy fell, seaming to collapse in on himself. "Dont know how him or anyone could live there, even with it all hidden. Just the knowledge makes me sick." His hands started to squeeze his head as if to force the memory out. At the sound of Hinata whimpering, he lifted up his head and reached into his pocket where the blond boy's letter rest. Holding in out to his only male teammate, he whispered a 'here' before letting it fall into the bug-boy's hand. "Read it." He whispered. Shino did as commanded after uncrumpling the paper. Absolutely no movement was seen as he read or even after he had finished. No relaxed posture or a twitch of the finger could be seen before a buzzing sound started to increase from its normal amount. The forted sound rose and continued to rise until it was at an unbearable volume. Hinata reached for the note. After reading, she broke down into tears and curled up on herself. 'Naruto' and sobs where the only audible noise heard from her area of the field if you got really close though there was probably more. The bugs were making it too hard to hear anything else besides them.

Surprisingly, Hinata was the first to recover from the downed mood. "Well, what are we going to do? None of us are strong enough to bring him back." This statement helped to knock Kiba out of stupor.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN! I'm OBVIOUSLY the strongest of the rookie 9! I could bring him back BY. MY. SELF! So HA!" Even throughout all of this boasting, it was plain to see that not even Kiba believed what he just said.

"All of us." A voice that had been silent for the entire conversation spoke up, finally.

"What? Speak up Shino!"

"Not even all of us could bring him back. You haven't seen him training when he thought himself to be alone. The power he possesses is indescribable. Never confuse him with the blond mask we saw each and everyday. You saw his room. That was a genjutsu. His supposed worst jutsu type. And yet he was able to fool both Kakashi of the Sharingan and Konoha's Genjutsu Mistress herself. If that's his worst subject, what's his best like." Shino, the ever observant person he is, had hit the jackpot. Kiba began to look fearful, as did Hinata, and both for the same reasons. 'I'm gonna lose Naruto/Naruto-kun!' Shino continued speaking. "We should go to Shikamaru-san to come up with a plan. He is the smartest of us all."

"I agree. Shika-kun should know how strong Naruto-kun is. Though he's lazy, Shika's very observant and when he thinks something isn't right, will investigate it. Now we just need to find him." Hinata responded.

"Lets ask Choji! He tends to know where his friend would be! And we know where Choji will be! The barbecue place!" And with that, the hyperactive puppy ran off in search of their chubby friend. Hinata was about to follow before Shino placed out a hand, halting her progress.

"They aren't there today. Shikamaru-san said that there was going to be a team meeting around now. Will you use your byakugan to search for them? I will send out my bugs." Hinata agreed and both used their own methods of finding the lazy genius and his team. Hinata found them first.

"There." She pointed towards an empty field just before one person, Ino, walked into it. The two teammates began to run towards her at their ninja speed run, arriving right in front of the unsuspecting blonde in seconds.

"Hello Ino-san. We were hoping to talk to you and your team if you dont mind. It is a very important matter that must be solved. Shikamaru-san will be needed to come up with a strategy and we need to know what he knows about one person in particular. Also, we will need everyones' help to retrieve this person. We will explain it more in detail once the rest arrive." Shino explained before he turned away and walked over to a nearby tree. Leaning against it, he waited. Ino bent over to whisper in Hinata's ear.

"What was all that about?" She asked, hoping for an answer. Sadly for her, Hinata shook her head and whispered back 'Later' and that was all she got.

Having nothing better to do then sit, she did exactly that. Her mind was filled with the news that could be announced when the rest of her team came and all of the terrible or wonderful things it could bring. All of the things she imagined were nothing close to the truth. Willing her other teammates to come soon, her wants were answered as Shikamaru showed up next with Choji following close behind. Shikamaru looked at the other ninja in the clearing with clearly seen questions written on his face but none coming from his mouth. Shrugging and being the lazy person he is, he decides to lay down on the 'comfy grass' and find out later when they tell him. Either way, he would do nothing until his sensei came. Choji followed his best friends example but sat down and ate some of his chips, looking at the two members of team Kurenai questioningly every so often.

Minutes later and Ino was starting to get twitchy. Asuma still hadn't come and no one was talking to break the silence. She was just about to break from the tension before the smell of smoke filled the air.

"Finally!" She moaned. I couldn't take it any longer! Sensei! Get over here! Hinata and Shino have something to tell us!" Asuma looked Hinata strait in the eye before saying one word, or rather, one name.

"Naruto?" Hinata's eyes glinted with unshed tears as she nodded.

"We want to talk to Shikamaru-san and tell everyone what we heard from Kiba-kun about both Naruto's home and what he knew had happened." Asuma nodded in understanding before he started speaking again.

"Where is Kiba? If he told you, shouldn't he be here?"

"He didn't have the patience to wait for us two to find you all and just raced off to the barbecue place in hopes to find you all there. I didn't want to have to chase after him so we just came here." This was Shino explaining what happened. Ino was, once again, getting annoyed with not understanding what they were talking about and why Naruto was so important. Finally, not being able to take it any more, she burst out with the question that was on all of her teams' minds.

"WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT! WHAT HAPPENED TO NARUTO AND WHY IS IT SO DANG IMPORTANT! YOU BETTER TELL ME OR I SWEAR, I WILL NOT STOP SCREAMING UNTIL SOMEONE DOES!" She was just about to start her banshee wail when Shikamaru covered her mouth with his hand, earning a very hard chomp from the blond. Sitting down to nurse his injured hand he gave them a one worded command.

"Explain." Asuma told the group what he knew and the two other chunin did the same with their own information. In the end, Shikamaru, Ino, and Choji all had their mouths dropped to the ground. Shikamaru was the first to recover.

"So… You want my help to know how strong he is, huh?" A pleading look from Hinata and a nod of confirmation from Shino left him with the knowledge that he guessed right. "Well, in that case, I can't. I do know that he is incredible in sensing chakra and is able to stay calm and plan when it's needed but other than that, I know nothing. Your guess is as good as mine on his actual strength but I can help you come up with a plan to get him back." Hinata's eyes lit up and you could see a twitch of the face from Shino indicating a smile from him. Choji, Ino and Asuma were staring intently at the brunet as they awaited his master plan. Shikamaru blinked at them before asking one question. "What?" The four others- besides Shino- deadpanned.

"We want to know the plan." Spoke the bug user. After a small staring contest Shino continued speaking. "Oh… well, what should we do to help?" The others looked at the two like they were crazy before finally accepting the silent communication.

"Gather the others and meet me here again in half an hour." Everyone gave a quick nod before heading out as Shikamaru stayed there sitting, coming up with a plan to retrieve everyones favorite blond, even if it had to be by force.

25 minutes later

'Alright, I think I know what we have to do. Dang it Naruto, you're such a troublesome blond." He began to just relax and stare up at the clouds to pass the time. He didn't have to wait long as, just seconds later, Choji stepped into the clearing with Lee and Tenten in tow. Of course, with lee here, the silence couldn't last long.

"NOW WHAT HAS OUR YOUTHFUL FRIEND DONE NOW?" Shikamaru had plugged his ears right as Lee said 'what' and was ignoring the others. The two newcomers looked at Choji for info. but he said nothing. Tenten looked pleadingly at the lazy boy, begging him to talk.

"Just wait. Troublesome people." He closed his eyes and leaned back, hands under head. Tenten humphed at the rudeness of her comprad and shot a warning glance at Lee so that he wouldn't talk. Surprisingly, a miracle happened and he did as she wanted. Another minute past before the next group of people came. Ino brought with her Neji and Sakura. Neji being the only one in that group that didn't know what was going on.

Hinata was the next with Kiba. She had seen who all was at the clearing and knew no one else was in their little group of chunin (All are Chunin in this story) save Sai and Shino. Kiba was angry about going to the wrong place and more so about how Hinata let him. Hinata just let him fewm beside her. Seconds later, Shino came in. No Sai. He looked at Shikamaru and shrugged before going to lean on a tree. Finally, the Jonin came in along with Iruka. Asuma, Kurenai, Gai and Kakashi. You could just see how upset the scarecrow was with just one glance. Iruka was the only one in the group that didn't know. He had been teaching a class at the time and there weren't any subs to take his place. Shikamaru looked around before calling out.

"Where's Sai? Why wasn't anyone able to find him?" Kakashi made a noise, drawing everyone's eyes to him.

"He went after him." The few that didn't know what was going on looked at him in question, but those who did were completely understanding. Tenten was the one to voice what her team and Iruka were thinking.

"WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT! IF YOU DONT TELL ME IN TWENTY SECONDS, I'LL STUFF A KUNAI UP YOUR ASS!" Gai was about to scold her about how 'unyouthful' that is to do, but a glare from her stopped him- much to everyone's relief. The people who knew looked at eachother trying to decide who would talk. Everyone stared at Asuma who sighed. Tenten, Lee, Neji and Iruka looked at him expectantly. Asuma sighed again and Kakashi started to walk away, motioning for everyone else that knew to do the same. Sakura followed her sensei immediately while the others looked in question before complying.

"What's the problem?"

"Well Kurani, you're about to see." They waited and watched as Tenten, Lee and Neji grew surprised while Iruka was surprised for just a second before getting angry. At the end of Asuma's explanation, Iruka went wild. The top of his head was covered by a shadow (you know what I'm talking about) and chakra was gushing out of him. His features turned demonic with rage and Killer Intent filled the air. The weaker chunin- Kiba, Sakura and Ino- were pulled to their knees while everyone else was having a hard time standing. Iruka let loose a scream that could put a banshee to shame.

"WHO DID THIS! I'LL KILL THOSE BASTARDS!" He punched the ground doing damage that Tsunade could only hope to accomplish. His former students cowered in fear along with Kurenai and Asuma, who was only feet away from the raging chunin. Gai was standing proudly and Kakashi looked only slightly scared, having known of this side of Iruka from before (tell you soon). Iruka's chakra lashed out at everything possible with him in the center of the damage. In one jump, he was halfway to the hokage tower, leaving the group behind. Everyone looked at his back before he disappeared, questioning everything they had ever known about him. Kurani, being the first to break out of the shock, looked towards Kakashi, waiting for him to explain what had just happened. Kakashi scratched the back of his head in a very Naruto-like fashion with his eye closed.

"Well, you see…"

Flashback no jutsu

"Kakashi, you will be know as Inu from now on when you have your mask. You will serve under Fukuro (owl). Fukuro, come in." A man with an owl mask on came into the room. His hair was pulled into a dark brown ponytail that spiked up at the end. He walked up in front of Kakashi and stood with his legs apart and his hands together behind his back. "Fukuro, take off your mask." The mans hand lifted to bring the mask from his face. Underneath revealed a man with a scar crossing his nose. He could see a friendly face looking back at him. The scarred man smiled at the scarecrow before talking.

"Hello! You must be my new member! Well, my name's Iruka. Welcome to the team!" He spoke with a cheerful voice, something uncommon within the ANBU forces. Kakashi looked at him skeptically.

'A person that is like this can't be in the ANBU, or at least they can't be very good. He isn't hardened at all, not by hardships or loss. I wont accept him as my captain.' Kakashi turned back towards the Hokage, disregarding the dolphin completely. "Give me a new captain. This one isn't good." The Hokage had an amused look on his face and Iruka looked like he was one word away from laughing his face off.

"What if I tell you that Iruka here is our head ANBU captain? Or that he has completed over seventy S rank missions on his own, four of them without a scratch. Iruka here's name in the bingo book is 'The Hidden Owl'. I'm sure you've heard of him." When Kakashi heard Iruka's title, he visibly paled. The Hidden Owl was just a romer around the ANBUs since no one had ever worked with him or seen anyone with an Owl mask working there. To work under him, that had never been heard of, ever. Anyone who had an 'Attack in large groups of ANBU' in the bingo book was never known to of had a team. Kakashi continued to study the scarred man in front of him.

'Where have I seen him before….' The man looked familiar in the eyes of the sharingan user. Iruka, noticing the questioning look, decided to tell him.

"I work at the academy as a cover." He informed the silver haired man. "That's most likely where you've seen me." Kakashi gave a nod of acceptance before turning to the Hokage.

"Who are the other member's in our unit." The Hokage, understanding that Kakashi accepted his new captain, smiled and called for the other members to come in."


"And there you have it! Now, I have to go stop Iruka from destroying the village, Ja." Everyone stared at the retreating form for some time before one came out and said what all of them were thinking…

"Wow…." Everyone else couldn't help but agree.

With Naruto… haven't seen him all chapter!



"Well, what do you have to say for yourself?"



"*sigh* Fine, see you later then." Naruto began walking away.

*BARK!* (What does the fox say *music*)

A weirdly colored, black fox ran up to the blond and jumped onto his shoulder. Naruto laughed *coughcoughgiggledcough* and stroked the mammal that just landed on him.

"I guess you're traveling with me then, huh?" *BARK!* Another 'laugh' "Well then, lets get going! We have to move often or risk getting caught!" The boy and fox sped into the woods, ready to begin their adventure together.

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