Leaving the Chaos

Naruto is fed up with Konoha and how he is treated by them and how they treat his friends. What is his solution? Leave. Who will come after him? What do they find out? Strong!Naruto Semi-sadisticNaruto


2. I'll Find Him

A person went flying trough the newly repaired wall.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY?! BETTER BE LYING TO ME!" And there is our reason.

"I'm sorry!" Everyone had to feel sorry for the poor guy. "But it's true!" And now he's dead.

"Hokage-sama... We need to tell you something so I suggest killing this guy later." Kakashi was the only one not too afraid to talk.

"Can't you tell me later? I'm busy here!"

"It's about Naruto." At this, the raging lady slowed and looked at them, forgetting about the newly broken man.

"Come to my other office."

"Hai Hokage-sama." The group followed her to a separate room without much damage done to it, save a table that had been split down the middle with fist marks indented into it.

"Report." And so they did, saying why they went there, what they saw, and the note, handing it too her. "What's this about a genjutsu?" The three grimaced.

"That you'll have to see."

"What so you mean Kakashi? Just tell me about the jutsu!"

"It's too terrible to describe... or think about." Sakura started crying after saying that.

"Sai, what did you see?" Tsunade was panicking by now. If Sai wasn't able to answer, then she didn't want to know what it looked like. She saw a twitch of a lip, a pained look in his eye, then the shaken no of his head. She felt something growing in her chest, a pain. So this is what it feels like... This is the pain of knowledge. This is the fear of something lost that doesn't WANT to come back. This is what if feels like to be abandoned... And it feels terrible.

She let out a breath before saying, "let's go... I need to see this." And with that, everyone started moving to the beloved blonds apartment.

At the room

"No. Way." Even the ANBU were thinking these words as they set their gazes inside the now abandoned apartment room. They saw everything (not going to describe it again) and some even began to cry though no one saw because of their masks. One- who had seen Ibiki's scares and injures from his torture- doubted that even Ibiki had to face such terror, especially not on an every-day basis. Sakura was on her knees, crying for the nth time today, wishing naruto didn't leave her. Thinking back to the note, she wondered what he ment by 'everyone will be happier'. No one could be happier with the joy gone! It's just impossible! How would lady Tsunade be happier with her successor gone or Sai without the one who pulled him out of what he had become? Hinata would be heartbroken and Neji depressed with the person he now considered his closest friend gone off to be a rogue-nin. How was any of this being 'happier'? The villages inspiration and idol was gone without even knowing how much he meant to everyone. Without knowing how much he had meant to anyone. He didn't even tell us why. 'I will find him and bring him back.' She thought. 'No mater what. Naruto belongs here with us and most definitely not on the run as a missing nin and if he did this so he could get Sasuke without any restraints then I will help him so he can finally forget about it and stay with us. Why did his nindo be to never go back on his word! He's so difficult!' And with that, her small 'rant' ended, bringing her back to the real world just to see Tsunade destroying everything and crying as she did it. Sai had a hand on his chest and was breathing heavily, just showing how much pain he was in. Kakashi had his eyes closed, not being on guard at all for any attack like he normally was, probably trying to come to terms with this new change.

"Okay everyone... Usumaki Naruto is now classified as a S-rank missing nin... Uchiha Sasuke is A-rank missing nin." Tsunade turned towards the ANBU. "Search for Usumaki Naruto and do anything in your power to bring him back. Gather at least twenty others and may have more if you feel needs. Go." She slowly walked out the door to the Hokage tower, muttering something about having to quit this job before she was fully out.

"Kakashi? Why is Naruto S-rank? And how did Sasuke just become a missing nin and not before?" Sakura looked longingly at her former sensei, just wanting a touch of normality.

"It means that Naruto made it so that as long as he was loyal to Konoha Sasuke could never be made a missing nin. It also means that not one of us has ever seen his full strength. Not even in the battles we have fought with him or all of his thousands of shadow clones. He is even stronger than that. Just how strong are you now Naruto? Were your bonds with us not strong enough to make you stay?" He started speaking to no one by the end of his speech.

"How have we never seen Naruto's full power? He already does nearly all of the fighting..." Sakura trailed off, unable to finish her sentance.

"I'm going on the retrieval mission." Sai's voice was hard as he thought about losing his first friend. With his brother dead, the painter hated losing people close to him. "I'll convince him to come back... he wont leave us!" The voice of the normally unfeeling nin rose to a softish shout. "He will come back to us." He whispered the last part to himself as, after excusing himself, he left out of the still open door. With one last look into the destroyed torture room the boy disappeared to the front gates of Konoha.

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