Leaving the Chaos

Naruto is fed up with Konoha and how he is treated by them and how they treat his friends. What is his solution? Leave. Who will come after him? What do they find out? Strong!Naruto Semi-sadisticNaruto


1. Good Bye

'Ah yes, the apartment that I have lived in since I was 5. Just wish that I could say there were good memories here. Well, that doesn't mater, not when I'm leaving it behind for good. I've finally had enough with the damn villagers and their punishment for the 'demon kid'. Enough is enough. They have now crosses the line. No mater what they do to me, I won't react. If they do something to one of my friends, then their in for hell. Now, when one of my so-called-friends joins in with the villagers trying to hurt my true friend, that means that I will never be seen in the village ever again in their short, human lifespans. One less shinobi to protect them. And yes, that right, I don't consider myself human anymore. Kurama was pulled into my body some time ago without anyone's knowledge. Know what that means? That I have become a demon, well, a half demon. His soul is now free, gone to restore its chakra and left me the nine tails worth. Now my lifelong friend is gone and I have decided to leave this god forsaking village.

I smiled at the thought. Gone. Free. No more hate. Happy. My smile grew with each concept. Then I thought of others. The villagers will be glad that the demon has finally left. Tsaunade won't have to deal with me anymore. Jirya will be able to research all the time instead if training me. Sakura won't have to deal with me asking her out all of the time. Sai is able to complete his mission of killing Sasuke. Kakashi won't have me yelling at him anymore. Kiba won't have me to call him dog-breath. I won't be eating all of the ramen at Ichiraku. I won't be troublesome to Shikamaru. I won't make fun of Choji. Yes, everyone will be happier. Even me.

But I still want to say good-bye, so I grabbed a pen and a paper and got writing.

Third person

"NARUTO! WHERE ARE YOU! COME OUT HERE! YOUR EVEN LATER THEN KAKASHI! Naruto? Hey, Naruto? Come out! Guys, I don't think he's here."

"Now why would you say that forehead? The fact that he didn't answer or that we didn't hear screams saying to shut up?"

"Sai..." The pale boy now named Sai just smiles a creepy, fake smile back at the pink haired girl.

"Well, where do you think he's gone?" A man with silver hair reading a book with an orange cover says from the couch.

"That idiot must have gone to get ramen and forgot all about us! I'm gonna kill him!"

"Now now forehead, look around and think. Doesn't it look cleared out to you?" It was true. There was very little ramen left in the shelves some things were missing.

"Everyone, look around for any kind of struggle clue to his disappearance. "The command came from the scarecrow on the couch, though now he was in full jounin mode, all business.

"Hai." The two lower downs responded, though the pinkette continued. "Sencei, what if he isn't here? Like, he was taken or something?"

The masked man just looked at her with solum eyes. "We will search for him and, if he is nowhere to be found, he will become a missing nin." The girls eyes widened at that and then began her search.

"Sencei, look here." The artist walked in, carrying a slip of paper. Kakashi took it. As he read, you could see the emotions flicking over his only seen eye. "No way..." 'I won't accept this! Not Naruto! This must be a trick! I won't believe it! I won't!'

"Sencei, what's wrong? What happens to Naruto?! Sai? Will you tell me?!" After getting negative responses from both, she went hysterical. Finally, after three minutes, he handed her the now tear-stained paper. The girl read, not believing her eyes. It said-

Hey reader!

If I had to guess, then this is either my team or the Hokage. I just wanted to say good bye and that I am done with this village for good, so I hope you live a good life if possible. Now, I'm sure that your thinking about how selfish Im being, and I know that I am. But I also did it for everyone in the village. Some may be wondering how this is good for themselves, but just think about it! Anyways, I don't really care either way, just glad that I'm gone!

Truthfully, I hate the dang village and it's villagers. Also most of the people in it hate me so it evens out pretty well! I can only hope that some people will be sad that I left, but I'd be surprised if more then one even care! Most have wanted me gone from the hour after I was born, so they should now be happy! Besides, in tired of fighting this fight, just let me rest for a year then start sending hunter-nins after me, or, ya know, maybe a month is good enough. Anyways, ya, I'm tired of this fight where I have to take everything but not truly fight back, so I'm done. The Hokage necklace is on the nightstand, as is my headband. You won't be able to get into my drawers or cabinets so don't even try. Also, if anyone comes after me, I will not hesitate to kill them all. You have been warned. Well, see ya never or right before you die if you come after me! Ja!

The forgotten boy,

Namazaki Uzumaki Naruto

P.S. If you want, you can take off the genjutsu, but I suggest that you do so before tearing the place down or it will look odd.

'Genjutsu? Why would he place a genjutsu?' "Kakashi, is there a genjutsu up on the walls?" The scarecrow looked up, a question mark written on his face.

"Let me check..." He lifted his headband, activating the sharingan. His mouth dropped. "Holly..." He looked like a fish the way his mouth was moving.

"What?! Sencei! What's wrong?" He just released the jutsu as a response. The others eyes went wide as they took in the sight. Looking around, they saw something they almost couldn't believe. Blood stains covered almost every surface- dashes across the wall, soaked into couches and carpet, splattered around on the floor, and crusted over on tables and counters. Shards of glass littered the tiles underneath their feet, some bloodstained as well. The walls depicted some of the torture with phrases like "no one will ever love you" and "demon, just die already" and much worse. Behind those words were black scorch marks and harsh slashes that split parts of the wall wide open. A variety of ropes, chains, knives, and cuffs were thrown around, making it dangerous to move much further than where they were standing. The walls were no longer the bright orange they had gotten used to and were instead a dull grey, molded over at some places or splashed and painted with blood at others. The air temperature jumped up several degrees and within seconds they were sweating more then training with Gai. The water dripping from their eyes evaporated nearly the second they touched the cement floor.

"Naruto..." The only female in the group let out. "What happened here?" This question was directed towards the former AMBU, the anger evident in her eyes.

The jounin gave a simple answer. "His life." The kunoichi was stunned that her teammate lived like this and yet was always happy. Then she fell to the ground, sobs racking through her body. "Sakura, we need to report to lady Hokage that he has become a missing nin." The pinkette just nodded before they flickered towards the tower.

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