Leaving the Chaos

Naruto is fed up with Konoha and how he is treated by them and how they treat his friends. What is his solution? Leave. Who will come after him? What do they find out? Strong!Naruto Semi-sadisticNaruto


3. Desisions

At the gates of konoha

Sai arrived just as the ANBU were leaving to find the newly made missing nin and bring him back before any more, permanent, damage could be done. One turned as Sai shouted for them to wait.

"why are you here." One spoke with clear demand in his voice. Sai began talking without any of his usual remarks insults.

"I'm coming with you. Naruto is my friend and I'm not leaving him." With those words spoken he turned and started walking. Everybody else looked at each other wide eyed, nobody thought that's Sai could be able to act like that.

Sai started his run, leaving konoha behind with his decision that, should Naruto not come back, then neither would he.

"I'm coming." With his new found resolve, be sped through the trees in search of his best friend.

Somewhere in the land of water...

"Dang it! Why don't these people have ramen! I travel all this way just to find another place to stay and nowhere do they have any ramen stands! Gaaaah!"

"Hey, kid. Suggest you stop being so loud! Unless, that is, you wanna get killed!" Naruto looked up at the source of these words to find a group of men, ages around 25-30, huddled around a campfire. All had dark, torn, dirty, and old cloths on that didn't seem to hold much heat. The one who spoke drew out a rusted, crooked knife, showing it off as though it would be able to scare away the newcomer. No one expected Naruto to laugh at their efforts.

"*Giggle* You guy's *Giggle* think that *and another* could scare me *again* away? HA! Baka's!" The blonds fit of giggles continued even once the men charged at him with the obvious intent to kill. One was even able to radiate a small amount of KI that was actually feelable to his opponent. The only problem with that was it just made Naruto go into full blown laughter, landing him on the ground and some of the other men to sweat-drop. The others tried attacking while he was down, only to be pushed back by an invisible force. "*hehe* I told you, didn't I! Dont mess with me or you die!" (Still laughing throughout this entire threat.) The men ran away, fearing for their lives with Naruto staring at their retreating backs. "...So thats it? Lame." He turned and walked away, still searching for his lost raman.

With Sai

'Where are you Naruto? I may be the only one who knows how good you actually are, but that doesn't mean that I'm able to track you! Dangit!' Sai, flying on his ink bird, searched from the sky's. He knew about Naruto's ability to fly (like the tsuchikage, just go with it) and decided that would be his chosen course of action.

A smaller, more chakra infused, ink bird flew up to the larger and it's creator. Sai pulled out a piece of paper as to allow the bird to hop on it, creating words before flying in an opposite direction. It motioned for the boy to follow and took off full speed in the direction of Kirigakure. Sai sighed (hehe…), this was going to be a long trip.

With Sakura

'Why would Naruto, of all people, leave? He loves this village!' The pink-haired kunoichi thought to herself as she walked to her best friend Ino's house. 'I wonder if anyone else will know… maybe-' Her train of thought was broken off as a brunette bumped into her. Kiba.

"Yo!" Sakura allowed him a small smile before a muttered 'hi'. "What's wrong? Something happen about Sasuke? Dang Duckbutt coming back?" Nearly all of Sasuke's old 'friends' and fangirls hated him, all but Naruto. Sakura blinked in realization. 'Sasuke! Naruto's going after Sasuke! That must be it! This way, he will have more freedom to search and won't have to check in with the hokage each time! He'll come back right once Sasuke's found! Well, that's better. Now I don't have to worry about the Baka.' A smile graced her features at the thought.

"... Umm… Hello?" 'Oh, that's right… I was talking to Kiba.'

"Hum? What is it?" Kiba looked at her as though she had four heads (ya, that's right! Four, not two! two is perfectly normal!)

"I was wondering what was wrong, then you spaced out."

"Oh yeah!" her voice quieted as she re-remembered what happened. "Naruto… left the village. Sai went to look for him as well as some ANBU so he should be back soon. Also, he has been labeled as an S-rank missing nin until he has been found. If you want, though I suggest that you don't, you can look at his apartment. I warn you that what you see will scare you." Her tone grew dark during the last part of her speech, reseeing the horrors of the room.

"His apartment? And why did he leave? This is Naruto that were talking about, right? He's going to be Hokage! Im going to see what happened myself!" And with that, the dog-boy ran off, heading to the now-popular apartment. 'Everyone's going to know about this by the end of the day… ugh. Maybe i should tell Ino.' And so, with that decided, the pink-haired girl continued to her blond best-friends house.

With Kiba

Wide eyes greeted the empty, torture-chamber-looking room. "What. The. CENSORED. What happened to this place! I was here just yesterday!"

"Genjutsu" said a voice from the corner. It belonged to a certain silver haired(not white! he's not old!) cyclopes.

"Eh? Kakashi? What do you mean genjutsu? As far as i know, he was never able to perform even the easiest genjutsu to save his life!" A sad smile graced the sharingan wielders face, though it remained unseen due to his mask.

"The kid was a hidden genius. No one ever actually saw his full potential, maybe save Jiraiya. But we weren't the only blind ones… read this." The jonin handed Kiba a slip of paper, AKA, his letter. This time, instead of his eyes widening or breaking down in tears, the Inuzuka screamed in rage before continuing to crumple the note in his hand.

"BAKA! HOW COULD YOU BE SO STUPID! I WILL BRING YOU BACK, RIP OUT YOUR LIMBS, FEED IT TO AKAMARU, THEN STUFF THEM BACK INTO YOU!" The rage filled eyes turned to a surprised Kakashi. "WHERE IS HE! I'LL FIND HIM FIRST!" Kakashi gave another hidden smile.

"Track him Inuzuka. It is your clans specialty." Kiba growled before rushing off to gather his team, both human and mutt. 'Hinata, Shino, you better help me. I can't do this alone.'

With Shino

'Huh, something happened to make Kiba mad. I should go to Hinata, he will go to her first.' Akamaru passed, heading to the Hyuuga compound. 'I was right. Considering how much my bugs let off, Kiba is truly angry. Better not delay any longer.' And with that, the Aburame was off, heading to see his raging friend.

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