Leaving the Chaos

Naruto is fed up with Konoha and how he is treated by them and how they treat his friends. What is his solution? Leave. Who will come after him? What do they find out? Strong!Naruto Semi-sadisticNaruto


5. Chapter 5

With Sai 'NARUTO! YOU'RE SO DANG FRUSTRATING TO FIND!' Sai shouted in his mind. The out side of him, of course, was it's normal calm looking self. All of those years with Donzo didn't just go up in smoke. 'His chakra is nowhere to be found and there isn't even a single scent of him! I sent out my dog drawings with complex noses that should have been able to pick out even a single person that hadn't been in a crowded place for three years and were still able to track them. And yet, with all of these skills, they couldn't find my teammate that left just that day. How incredible is Naruto? Even Danzo wasn't able to get away from me when I tried!' He drew a picture of his favorite person while he waited for a report from one of his creations. Naruto was lying down on the grass with sweat running off his bare upper half with his shirt tossed onto the ground next to him. A small, mainly black fox was curled up at his side. Sai took a brief moment to wonder why he drew a black fox before moving on at the sight of his dog creacher. He took out a blank piece of paper and set it on the ground. The dog jumped onto it before changing into words and placing itself/ themselves onto the page. A brief glance of what was written and the raven was off, running in the direction of a small village near Kirigakure. In the woods next to the village: two hours later Sai called out his dogs again, forcing them to search the woods for any trace of the blond. Turns out, he didn't need them. "SLOW DOWN YOU DANG FOX!" A black fox jumped out of a bush and slammed into Sai. Even his ROOT training couldn't prepare him for what happened next. A blond and orange dog sized fox jumped out next. One with seven tails. And then it talked. "Sai? What are you doing here?" It knew his name… wow. Then it began to transform into a human. Paws turning into hands. Muzzle becoming a flattish face. Real whiskers becoming birthmarks. Canine legs turning into a primate's limbs. Tails disappearing with the fur, turning into bare skin. Fox ears shrinking and growing down lower to a place of a humans, though still pointed at the tips. At the end of it all, Sai's best friend was sitting in front of him like nothing had happened, his black fox friend curled up onto his lap. "Hi! What's up Sai?" A small amount of pink tinted the ravens cheeks because of that happened, but went unnoticed by the oblivious blond. It took a second before he could regain his thoughts. "Everyone is looking for you, trying to bring you back. Will you?" Sai said this as though he has no opinion, which he didn't. If Naruto didn't didn't go back, he wouldn't either. "No." Just because he didn't have an opinion, didn't mean he wasn't surprised. "Really? Why?" "I got tired of that place. The villagers hate me, Sakura is somewhat afraid of me after what happened. No one in our generation knows and I don't care to tell them. Plus, I just create problems for everyone. The Akatsuki came to the village to capture me, Sasuke wasn't brought back because I wasn't strong enough. I hurt Sakura on our mission. Jiraiya had to train me instead of doing what he wanted. You could never complete your mission with me around. The villagers had to deal with me all the time. Baa-chan had to come back to Konoha because I made her. Kakashi had to deal with teaching me when he could have been doing something useful with his time. The Ichiraku's had to cook for me all the time since I couldn't afford any other food and always had to give me discounts. That's about everything." Naruto said this being completely relaxed the entire time. He seemed to have already come to terms with it. Like, a long time ago. A month at the latest. "Okay then. Where will we go then?" This had Naruto mildly surprised. "Where do you want to go?" "... Away." Time skip The two travelers were going just what they said they were going to. Away. Away from Konoha. Away from their troubles. Away from land. Currently, they were flying over the ocean. Naruto planned to create an island for them to live on with trees and everything. He had perfected the First Hokage's jutsu style, mokuton. He also discovered how to grow fruit plants as well, not just veggies and trees. There were also grains to make his ramen with. But first, they had to find where they wanted their island. "Lets go farther! We can't have anyone on land knowing where we are! Or that an island just popped out of nowhere!" "Just a moment Naruto. I will need some chakra soon, so… may I?" Naruto nodded happily at the idea of helping his friend and Sai smiled at the thought of his best friends chakra. It was addicting. The amount of innocence in it with the happiness mixed in. It was just amazing. That with the added bonus of how much stronger it made his creatures, just amazing. There is truly nothing else to describe it. It was this wonderful stuff that he was surrounded by before it entered his system and his bird flew faster than before. Naruto hung on with his chakra just as Sai did. "NEW LIFE, HERE WE COME!" ........ With Iruka "TSUNADE! WHERE HAS NARUTO GONE! YOU BETTER TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED!" Iruka stormed into the room, books flying everywhere as he released his chakra and people that were trying to stop him being pushed back into the walls. Tsunade seemed to be the only one infected by Iruka's intense aura. "... so, you heard that Naruto had left and what people saw at his house?" "His house? Did the villagers do something?" "Ya, turns out that he is really good at genjutsu and covering up what has happened. Stuff had been there for years without anyone noticing." "Wait, you didn't know he was amazing at genjutsu?" Irukas rage had calmed by now and everything was back to normal, though messy from before. "You knew and didn't tell us?! That's it, lets go to the other brats! Naruto has some explaining to do and we need him here to do that! ........ With Kiba We've searched for three days already with no success or word from Sai. Tsunade thinks Sai's left to be with Naruto instead of staying here without him. Wouldn't be that surprising actually. Naruto is Sai's only connection to Konoha since Danzo isn't the best person to care for. With Naruto gone, his only true connection has left. Sai had no reason to come back when he went looking for Naruto. For all we know, Naruto could have already been found! ...I could look for Sai instead of Naruto! We haven't been able to get a whiff of Naruto's scent, but we might find Sai's! "GUYS! Listen up! Do any of you think that Sai might of left the village to join Naruto?" Heh, some of them didn't even think that would happen! I can see it on their faces! Wait, Shikamaru looks surprised, but not that he was leaving. WHAT! HE DIDN'T THINK I WOULD COME UP WITH THAT! THAT BASTARD! "He wouldn't! Would he? Sai's a loyal ROOT member! They are trained to not have emotions." "Sakura, haven't you seen how Sai has been acting towards Naruto lately? He's regaining his emotions and most of them are directed towards Naruto. He has real smiles and even laughed once. He has also grown a little mischievous. You really haven't noticed?" Sakura tilted her head down in shame. I fought the urge to laugh at her, not wanting to ruin the serious mood around us. "Wow Kiba. Who would have thought you'd have thought this out." Shikamaru smirked at me knowingly. Knowing what, I don't know. But he did. Maybe…. no. That's impossible. "Shut up. I'm smarter than you give me credit for! Right Akamaru!" "..." "... trator." "Baka." Sakura muttered under her breath before tears started to well up in her green eyes. "Everyone, shut up." All attention turned to Asuma. "We need to figure out what to do, not argue. Now, who has an idea on how to find either Naruto or Sai?" No one answered his question and they stood/sat in silence for around a minute before Iruka came back, Tsunade following him and looking pissed. "Alright, listen up everyone. I will be sending all of you out to find Naruto in the teams that I assign. Team Shikamaru- Nara Shikamaru, Hyuuga Neji, Inuzuka Kiba, Yamanaka Ino. Team Kakashi- Hatake Kakashi, Maito Gai, Haruno Sakura, Akimichi Chouji. Team Iruka- Umino Iruka, Yuhi Kurenai, Hyuuga Hinata, Aburame Shino. Team Asuma- Tamura Tenten, Rock Lee, Sarutobi Asuma, Jiraiya the Toad Sage. Send in a report if you find him before making contact. Go." Tsunade lifted her arm and swished it to the side at the word go. Once they were gone, she allowed her arm to move over to her eye and wipe away a tear that was able to get loose. "You better come back, ototo. If you don't, what am I going to do?" ....... "ACHOOO!" "Bless you." "Hehe, thanks Sai! Wonder who's talking about me!" "Naruto, that's just a superstition. Besides, who wouldn't be talking about you right now? You left the village." "Heh, ya, that's true. What ever. So, is this far enough out? Or should it be further?" The two travelers were unable to see any part of the land they used to live on. All that was in their vision was open sea and the animals that live in said sea. There was also the line between the sea and the ocean. "Ya, this is good. Where should I move us?" Sai was referring to moving down towards the water so that Naruto wouldn't have to use as much chakra. "Here's fine! Now, how big should I make it? Oh, I know! This will be the most amazing island anyone has ever seen!" Naruto began collecting his chakra and moving it to his hands and out his fingertips. It was more dense than even the biju bomb and it's size was just as big. Naruto held it there for a moment before releasing it and sending it into the sea. The water had a large hole in it for a couple seconds before filling it self in. The water was still for yet another second until the sea began to rise and water was pushed out of the way of such a large section of ground. All Sai could do was gawk at the size and shape as it continued shifting around. "Well, how do you like it?" Naruto asked once the island was finished being made. "It's…. wow." Naruto grinned at his response. "Good."
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