Cant Live Without You

Chess is more than a game. It is more like...another magical dimension. All the pieces have names, and they all lead lives. Like in the game,the white pieces battle the black ones. But something is different...the white queen,Elizabeth,falls in love with the black king,Leo. Now,she has to convince her brother Mike,the white king to release Leo or nothing will ever be the same.


2. Truce

As usual, I woke up to the sounds of birds communicating through beautiful music. Each chirp worked together making me happier as I opened the white curtains and stared out my window.

I hummed a little song as I looked as far as I can see into my vast kingdom. Everything so...beautiful. Dazzling white pearls shone from different areas visible from my part of the palace, while white church domes glistened in the sunlight. The only thing that isn't white is the prison. Being that Mike was never hard on prisoners, he returned a little bit of themselves: their color. That can possibly be why the poor king didn't even bother provoking a war. He felt at home. Maybe if his cell wasn't cushioned and black...

I pushed the thought out of my mind. Last night, I saw a side to him I never saw within my kingdom, excepting young children or people who never played a part in the games. He was genuine. He spoke his mind, smiled, laughed, didn't hold back when trying to express himself. Maybe that's why I thought of him so much last night.

"My Queen," a sweet voice said from behind me. "I brought you some tea in case you needed any."

"April," I smiled, facing my servant. "Of course I'd love some."

The sweet girl smiled back and placed the tray on the table in front of me. "So... Lily told me about your trip," she smirked.

"So what?" I chuckled, pushing her gently. "The King himself seems okay."

"I'll escor--"

"No, but thank you, April," I smiled gently, already walking into my closet. "I'll go by myself."


"I'm surprised you actually came." Leo smirked, crossing his legs while sitting on comfy-looking black chair he pulled over. "I thought after last night, you were...intimidated by my extremely good looks."

"Don't push your luck, Leo," I said, leaning on a wall by the cell. "Besides, how could I have seen you last night?"

"So, you're intimidated NOW," he said, a grin spreading across his face.

"Like I said," I tried not to smile. "Don't push your luck."

As much as I didn't want to admit it, he WAS a little bit attractive. His slightly messy hair swept to one side, covering one dark blue eye. It was so dark, it could almost pass as black. The rest of himself didn't match, though. Sure, the black collar around his neck PARTIALLY suited him. The white prison uniforms, though, did not.

I decided to state my opinion. "You know," I said. "I can get you a few make you comfortable."

"Uh huh...," he raised an eyebrow. "Now I feel like you're just dying to let me feel comfortable and--"

"Look, Leo," I said, trying to sound as genuine as I already am. "I know we're probably not supposed to be doing this, but I can see us as friends. Maybe if we succeeded... I know the wars are fun, but we're still endangering millions of innocents. And still, we share some similar quali--"

"Whoa, slow down, Your Majesty," he smiled. "I get it. You wanna be friends." He held out his hand for me to shake. "And I can be fine with that."

I smiled back and shook his hand, feeling as if this were a truce for all of my kingdom.

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