Zombie survival guide

Zombie survival guide

~*I don't generally believe this will happen just for fun don't think I'm crazy*~


1. Get Good Reasorces

As soon as you learn there is a zombie outbreak you need to get the right reasorces/tools

1) a big van to get around in and enough space for your luggage

2) you will need fuel for the van so stock up on jerry cans.

3) a gun for emergencies only. just in case you get caught up in a sticky situation carry a gun.

4) dried food. dried food won't go out of date so it's perfect!

5) a water purification filter these are not common so it's best to order one as soon as possible

6) tarpaulins perfect for building quick shelters.

7) rope perfect for traps and climbing

8) ductape. Good for fixing anything

9) tool box full of tools

10) sharp blade

And don't forget clothes they're Gona get real messy!!

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