Bad Lil Clown🃏

Jess wanted to have a Normal Family; Normal Parents; Normal Sisters.. But instead she got The worst of them all. Psychopathic Super Criminals Wanted in 25 states as Parents; &2 Crazy-Ass Sisters that are joining the Family Business. Jess wants to move on Start her own Family But will she? |DC comic Themed with the Characters|


1. Prologue


Hey, My Name is Jessica Quinzel.

I'm 17 years old,

I would Describe myself like... Blonde Longish Kinda Hair with Pink streaks; Bright Ocean Blue Eyes; Palish Skin; short LOL,

Yeah I'm Sorta Short but not too Short to kick your Sorry lil ass!

Anyway, I'm a Girl that you wouldn't want to mess with..

Especially with My History, Family etc..

All I wanted was to have just a normal family; Normal Parents; Normal Sisters that would piss me off but I'd love them anyway..

A Normal Life really, but the World cruel and I ended up with The Worst Family ever.. My Family is made up of Pyschopatic Maniacs.

My Parents are Insane, Most wanted Super-Criminals that are wanted in 25 different states,

My Mom: Harley Quinn (Harleen Quinzel)

Once a doctor at the Asylum until My Dad seduced her and Corrupted her mind. She was head over heals for Him, She was that in love with the Clown that She even threw away her life into becoming a Super-Criminal but she always had a lil saying,

'You come in as A Doctor and Come out as a Patient.'

Moving onto My Dad...

My Dad: The Joker ( Jack Napier)

He destroyed my Childhood, and With him doing so I'll make sure that he'll end up with a Bullet straight threw that Fucked up head of his...

Yeah, Yeah.. I'm not the Daddy's Girl like My Sisters May ( Mayhem ) and Jackie.

Mayhem and Jackie Quinzel,

My Older Siblings, Jackies 19 years old and May's 18 Years old,

Jackie is a lot taller than me and She kinda dyed some of her hair Green, What can I say She's the Biggest Daddy's Girl; His 1st Favourite.

Mayhem is just about taller than me but that's if she's in her converse; May is like Jackie with the Hair but Blue instead. When it Comes to Daddy's Favourite May's 2nd.

I'm more of then Mistake in the Family, so I'm left out of Family events most of the Time. I don't wanna live here any more, I feel so unwanted here. There's only one reason that I stayed.. Because of My mom; whenever she'd get beaten to death by my dad, I'd Stop him and take the worst of it, So then She would only get mild bruising; I love My Mom, I don't want anything to happen to her...

That's why I'm gonna end this, start a new life; Meet someone get married and start my own family, but first things first..

Kill the Clown


Hey Guys, The Next Chapter: Kill the Clown will be Published some time between 24th - 26th April 2014. I hope you guy will like this book and Please Like and Favourite I'd be so Pleased if you do that I'll try to continue the Book. I'm sorry that there was no Romance in this Chapter but that's Soon to come within a few chapters, so be patient.

Thank you !

Love you Guys!

From HeyItsAbbiX


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