Bad Lil Clown🃏

Jess wanted to have a Normal Family; Normal Parents; Normal Sisters.. But instead she got The worst of them all. Psychopathic Super Criminals Wanted in 25 states as Parents; &2 Crazy-Ass Sisters that are joining the Family Business. Jess wants to move on Start her own Family But will she? |DC comic Themed with the Characters|


2. Chapter 1: It's Suicide..

Chapter 1: It's Suicide...

Jess' P.O.V

Jessica had gotten herself caught robbing Gotham Bank, but really she wanted to get caught so she would be sent to Arkham and Finally kill that Psychopathic fuckin' Clown once and for all.

She had finally arrive at the Asylum; Hand cuffed and was heading towards her cell when a Familiar voice came from the passing Cell..

"Aren't you even goin' to Say Hello?" That voice haunted her entire life as she looked at the Familiar, pale faced clown she called her father.

Within seconds the Copper told her to keep on moving, but she had some else in mind that just miss her opportunity.

She stole the gun off the coppers built and quickly sprung into action; back-flipping over him and threw the gun across the Police officers head making him unconscious, Jessica then charged at The Jokers Cell aiming the gun through one of the Holes in the Thick Glass. A loud bang echoed the asylum incidentally signalling the security.

The Bullet just skimmed the edge of The Jokers Cheek bone hitting the wall behind, Jess pulled the trigger several times but nothing came out which just pissed her off more.

"If I didn't know any better I'd say your trying to Kill me..?" He said with a large horrific grin across his face as she looked into his eyes knowing that he was staying down into her soul. Pure Evil..

That Evil Bastard knew exactly what buttons to push..

Once Back up came into the room, Jess ran but fails as she was tackled down to the cold solid floor; within seconds The Guard pinning her down pulled out a long sharp needle full of green liquid. The pinch felt like forever as she felt the needle sink into her skin and the Liquid seep into her veins, Shit... Why's the room suddenly blurring up; the last thing I heard was one of the guards voices as they grabbed my arms.

"Try in' to Kill in here, Ha! Like she wants a Death wish but try in' to escape...?

It's Suicide.."


Sorry that This Chapters Short:(

Haven't had any ideas for a New Chapter, so I just thought this one up since is was already half done at the time so I added some new additions to it.

Sorry for not Updating for a While too, Also Updating my Other Book Loving the Enemy soon.

Thank you for Reading!:-)

- From ImTheLostPrincess xoxo

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