Harry Styles (21) , a regular young man who had an accident with his car where his mom was in. He tried to save her with his own hands by pushing onto her, but he failed. Since then he decided to become a churgen , he would save lifes. In this hospital he met this young lady Isabel leigh (19) , can she make his life complete? A story with drama, love, failure and temptation.


1. New start


" Hmmph " was the only sound that came from my mounth by setting the alarm off. It was time. Time to save lifes. A good day starts with a fresh shower, so thats what I did. After pulling my clothes on, I took the my carkeys and drove to the place what I call, my life.

" Docter Styles, you have a new patient, miss Lepton, she had a tumor last year, we had already remove it but it came back, she's in room B105, here are her files. " said my assistant, Luna. "Exuse me, did you say miss Lepton? " " yes sir , in room B105" This cant be true, its Isabels grandma, god dammit. "Bring docter Leigh to me" , I yelled at her , " quick ! "

"No , grandma! What? Again? I thought the tumor was gone? Docter Styles? " she spoke fast. "I'm sorry docter Leigh, but the tumor came back and its got bigger, I'm afraid there is nothing more I can do. " I said with a soft voice. " You must try! You can use my OR, and then we can cut her open and take it out , you have done this before, please docter Styles, give it a try. " she begged me. " Isabel, I can't risk it, this operation could be her dead and .. " " She's going to die anyway if you dont operate her, it could just take a few days, do this for me. " she interupted me. " You first need to talk to her , i need her permission Isabel. " she sighed. I would love to save her, it's my job, but this operation could kill her, I can't do that to any of us, I just can't.


"Hi honey, how are you sweety? " the soft voice of my grandma said. " I could ask the same question grandma " I answered. " My darling , I know you are worried but everything is going to be fine " " No grandma, only if you do the operation, than yes, it would be a great chance, docter Styles is incredible in his job, he could save you again grandma, let him save your life, please. " I begged her. " Isabel sweety.." she looked me with those sad eyes. " Do it for me grandma, I can't lose you " she sighed loudly and spoke after few seconds : " Bring docter Styles, say he can plan a OR " . I gave her a smile of release, she had to do it. I can't lose no one anymore, after my father.. I gave her a soft kiss on her forehead and left the room , finding Harry. " Harry! I convinced her, she just have to write some papers, but she's ready! " I said proudly. Harry seemed not to be that happy. " Why do you give me that look docter Styles? This is great, this operation could save her life! " " But it could also kill her " he said with a low voice.


" I'll do it. " " Oh god Harry, thankyou, Im really gratefull" and she gived me a soft smile with those dark brown sparkling eyes. With those words I left her alone and planned a OR and after an hour it was time. " Bring her first the morfine Camille " I said while preparing the materials. " Done docter Styles, you can start. " Lets save a life Harry, let's save a life.. " Give the scalpel " I ordered. We can start. Bieeeeep Bieeeeeep Bieeep " Docter Styles , she's having a heartattack , press on her chest, docter Styles! " I trow the scalpel away and pressed quickly her chest in rythm up and down. Cmon miss Lepton, don't give up, don't give up .. Sweat was dripping down my face, my heartbeat turned faster. " She isnt going to make it docter" " Shut up Luna, cmooon cmooon" No heartbeat. Luna came up to me and said I have to move my hands. " NO , DONT, I WONT LET HER DIE! " I said with a cracking voice. " Docter Styles.. " she said slow, " She's gone, Im so sorry. " I tried to press harder but still no heartbeat. With pain in my chest I removed my hands. " Time of dead , 17:35 " I said slow.


" A heartattack? oh.. " It felt like someone was putting a sharp knife in my heart. " I tried everything I could Isabel.. I dont know what to say.. " I heard him spoke. " I know .. I know.. I just.." I couldnt find the right words to say. " Im a failure Isabel, Im sorry, I killer her, Im a huge failure, I'm just so sorry .. I .. I .. " " Harry shut up! " I interupt him, " you are not a failure you heard me ? You are not , you did everything you could, It's not your fault! " " But she isnt here anymore , because I couldnt save her. " He looked at me with pain and quilt in his eyes.

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