The Anemone

Maya is what others consider as an ugly girl. In truth, the only thing that made them say that is the birthmark across the left part of her face. Then, three boys walk into her life. The more she is with them, the more she learns about herself. The boys also seems over-friendly towards her. Is the boys' arrival a good news or bad news?


1. Prologue

     Outside of the temple, the storm was howling with rage. It charged forward without hesitation, destroying whatever in its way. The gods…were angry.

     Inside the temple, the Fates were preparing for their departure. They were in no hurry, since they know that the gods have no power over them.

     Suddenly, the door slowly opened, revealing a 4 years old, little girl. The little girl had soft, fair skin and brown eyes with specks of gold. With her brown hair cascading down her back, she slowly walked out of her room. She rubbed her eyes trying to get a better view of the situation. "Why is it so noisy?" She survey the temple that was almost bare. Her eyes met with one of the Fates and the vision of the Fates' departure hit her in an instant. It wasn't clear to her until a few seconds later. Tears started to welled up from her eyes.

     The Fates were frozen stiff. They knew that she had looked into their future. The youngest  of the three Fates, Clotho, slowly made her way towards the little girl. She bent down and and gently touched the little girls face.

     "Are-are you leaving," the little girl asked.

     Melancholy was visible in Clotho's eyes. "We have to."


     "To protect you–to keep you safe."

     Lachesis, the second of the three Fates, interrupted their conversation. "I believe it is time for us to leave." She hurried towards the little girl and placed her hand on the little girl's head. "Sleep, my dear. Sleep." 

     The little girl's eyes gently closed as she fell backwards.

     Atropos, the last of the three Fates, caught ahold of the little girl just in time. The look of disapproval was evident on her face. " Crying and whining like this…how unseemly!" However, her eyes soon softened, for she, too, could not bear the departure that was soon to come.

     Soon, the Fates left the temple. They, then, arrived at the front gate of the mansion belonging to the Hachens. The Fates walked steadily forward not making a single sound.

     When they arrived at the front doorsteps of the mansion, Clotho halted and turned towards Atropos. With great determination, she said, "I'll carry her to the door."

     Atropos looked at Clotho, unsure if she should do as Clotho said. She knew very well that Clotho was the one that had the hardest time accepting the fact that they must abandon the girl. Reluctantly, she handed the little girl to Clotho.

     Clotho hugged the little girl gently, in fear that she might wake the little girl up. As she trudged up the steps, she wish greatly that time would stop, so she wouldn't have to depart with the one she loves. Even with her slow pace, she soon met face-to-face with the front door. She seemed stunned for a moment before the tears that she had tried hard to keep in fell down her cheeks. Her knees hit the floor as she silently wept. Behind her, the other two sisters tried their best to be strong. Occasionally, a few drop of tears slipped down their faces. Even the night sky seemed to weep with them, for there were no stars that night.

     Finally, Clotho let go of the little girl. She looked up at her sisters that were now beside her. They nodded, before each of the three Fates prick their finger with a needle. The blood landed on the little girl's face and soon disappeared. "My child, this shall protect you," said Lachesis. 

     The Fates left the mansion, leaving the little girl in front of the door. Clotho glanced back at the little girl almost every second.

     "You need not to worry," said Atropos. "The one that is destined to care for her is a very kind mortal. She could not bear any child of her own, so she will definitely love and care for our child. And we'll meet her again."

     Clotho sighed. "But before that, she'll have to overcome many hardships. I'm afraid that she might not be able to…"

     Lachesis patted Clotho's hand. "You have too little faith in our child. She is a strong child. She'll be able to overcome any obstacle."

     Meanwhile, the front door of the mansion opened. A woman in her 30s stepped outside. She  was having a restless night, so she decided to get some fresh air. She fell backwards at the sight of the little girl. "What is a little girl doing here?" She kneeled down beside the little girl and shook her. "Little girl. Little girl, you can't sleep here." The little girl moaned but did not wake up. 

     Suddenly, the woman gasped. "Oh my, is that a birthmark?"

     The left part of the little girl's face that used to be bare was now engraved with a weird, red marking. 

     The little girl shifted, and a note fell on the floor.

     The woman picked up the note. She squinted her eyes, trying her best to read the words in the dim light. "Please…take care of…this child. Her name is…Maya."

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