A Child's Cry

It has been almost a year since Detective's Johnson and James brought Abby Benson home. Now the two have a new case, a young mother goes missing and they must hurry to bring her back to her daughter. Liv is also trying to deal with her dark past. Will it get in the way of her job?


4. Chapter 4

"Are you sure it was Lily?"  asked Mrs. Parker tearfully.

"Yes, it was her.  I'm so sorry for your loss."  I said.

Just then a guy who looked about 19 barged in.

"Where's Melanie?"  he asked.  I had a feeling this was Jason.

"She's upstairs playing."  said Mrs. Parker.

"Who are they?"  he asked looking at us.

"We are Detectives James and Johnson."  said Henry.

"Have you found Lily?"  he asked.

"Yes, I'm sorry to tell you this, but we found her body this morning."  I said.

"Lily can't be dead."  said Jason sitting down, putting his head in his hand.

"I'm sorry for your loss."  I said.

"How would you describe your relationship with Lily."  asked Henry.

"We were going to get married after Lily got out of school."  he said.

"So things were pretty serious between you two?"  I asked.

"I loved her more than anything."  he said.

"Were you aware of what she did for a second job?"  asked Henry.

"No, she didn't tell me."  he said.

"What did she do?"  asked Mrs. Parker.

"She would sell her body in the evenings."  I said.

"Are you talking about prostitution?"  asked Mrs. Parker.

"Yes.  She got into a fight with one of her clients the night she came home with a black eye."  said Henry.

"Lily wouldn't do that.  Even if she had, she would've told me."  said Jason.

"You think she would have told you?"  I asked looking at him curiously.

"Yes.  Trust is the main key in a relationship."  he said.

Yep, something was definitely off with him.

"What if Lily broke that trust?"  I asked staring him straight in the eyes.

"She wouldn't."  he said staring right back.

"But what would happen if she did.  What would you do?"  I asked.  We kept staring at each other, challenging each other.

"Are you accusing him of something, Detective?"  asked Mrs. Parker.

"Of course not.  Thank you for your time."  I said standing up.

Henry and I walked out the door and into the car.

"Are we going to do some background information on him?"  he asked as we got in.

"Yep."  I said looking up at the window upstairs and saw him staring at me.

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