A Child's Cry

It has been almost a year since Detective's Johnson and James brought Abby Benson home. Now the two have a new case, a young mother goes missing and they must hurry to bring her back to her daughter. Liv is also trying to deal with her dark past. Will it get in the way of her job?


2. Chapter 2

Detective Johnson's pov.

There was blackness everywhere and I heard the sound of a child crying.

Then I woke up. The sunlight was peering through the curtains. I got up to feed the dog when I got the call.

“Detective Johnson.” I said.

“We've got another case.” said Thomas.

“Where?” I asked.

“On highway 30.” he said.

“Alright. I'll swing by Henry's and grab him and we'll be there in 15.” I said.

“Alright.” he said and hung up.

I got dressed and headed out to my car. I called Henry from the car.

“Hello.” he said.

“We got a case on highway 30, I'm coming to get you.” I said and hung up.

I got to his place and honked the horn. He came out and got in. It took us about five minutes to get there. Police had blocked off the area.

“What have we got?” I asked coming up to the chief.

“18 year old, Lily Parker went missing this morning. She dropped her daughter off at the daycare and never made it to school.” he said showing us the car.

“How old is the daughter?” asked Henry.

“Five. Lily had her when she was thirteen.” he said.

“Who was watching her?” he asked.

“Mrs. Daniels.” he said.

That was a name I hadn't heard for almost a year now.

“Mrs. Parker got the call that her daughter wasn't in school.” he said.

“Do you want us to go talk to her?” I asked.

“Yes.” he said.

We got in the car and drove out to see Mrs. Parker.


“Mrs. Parker, isn't it possible Lily ran away not being able to take the pressure?” I asked.

“Of course not. Lily has dedicated her life to her daughter and she wouldn't just take off and leave her.” said Mrs. Parker.

“Sometimes people can't take the pressure.” I said.

“Lily has been working as hard as she can so when she graduates she and Melanie can have a good life. She would not pack up and leave.” said Mrs. Parker.

“Do you know anyone who would want to hurt Lily?” asked Henry.

“Lily didn't really have time to even make enemies. She was working two jobs. One she worked everyday after school and the other on the weekends.” she said.

“Where did she work?” asked Henry.

“On the weekends she worked at Wal-Mart. I'm not sure what she did during the week.”

“Could we talk to Melanie?” I asked.

“She upstairs playing.” she said.

“I'll go up and see her.” I said getting up and walking up the stairs.

I found a little girl with brown hair playing with toys in a bright pink room.

“Hi, Melanie. I'm Detective Johnson.” I said.

“Where's my mommy?” she asked looking at me.

“We're not sure. We need you to help us find her.” I said sitting next to her.

“Okay.” she said.

“Do you know anyone who would want to hurt your mom?” I asked.

“She came home one night crying.” she said.


Grandma and I were sitting in the living room waiting for mommy to come home. She came home crying and her eye was dark.

“What happened to you?” asked Grandma.

“Nothing, Mom. Melanie time for bed.” she said picking me up.

“Were you mugged?” asked Grandma following us up the stairs.

“No, I don't want to talk about it.” she said going into our room and putting me in bed.

“I'm really starting to worry about you.” she said.

“It's alright, Mom, I promise.” she said and closed the door.

Present Time

“When was this?” I asked.

“Two days ago.” she said.

“Thank you, Melanie.” I said getting up.

“I want my mommy.” she said.

“We'll do what we can to get her back.” I said walking out.

I went downstairs and saw that Henry and Mrs. Parker were still talking.

“What's Melanie's fathers name?” he asked her.

“His name is Jason Sanders.” she said.

“Where is he?” he asked.

“Away at college. He wanted to get his degree so he could take care of Melanie and Lily.” she said.

“Where does he go to college?” he asked.

“Florida. He got a good scolarship and he took it. He's a year older than Lily.” she said.

“Did they get along alright?” I asked sitting down.

“They did get along pretty well, they didn't stay together though.” she said.

“Why?” I asked.

“They decided when he went to college it would be to hard.” she said.

“Where did he live?” I asked.

“He lived here. His parents were very upset with him, so he lived here and the three of them shared a room.” she said.

“We're going to need a hairbrush.” said Henry.

“Just in case.” I said.

“I'll go get it.” she said getting up and walking out.

About five minutes later she came back in. We took the hairbrush and walked out.

“What do you think?” asked Henry as we got in the car.

“I don't know. Something isn't right.” I said.

“What do you mean?” he asked as I pulled out of the driveway.

“This girl tells her mom everything. Why wouldn't she tell her about her second job?” I wondered.

“You think maybe drug dealing?” he asked.

“Maybe.” I said.

“If that's the case, she may already be dead.” he said.

“Let's go to her school and see what if someone knows something.” I said.

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