A Child's Cry

It has been almost a year since Detective's Johnson and James brought Abby Benson home. Now the two have a new case, a young mother goes missing and they must hurry to bring her back to her daughter. Liv is also trying to deal with her dark past. Will it get in the way of her job?


1. Chapter 1

“Melanie, we don't throw our food.” said Lily bending down to pick it up.

“Yes, Mommy.” said the little girl who's bottom lip started quivering.

“Honey, has anybody asked you to the senior prom?” asked Mrs. Parker.

“No, mom. Nobody wants to go to prom with a girl who has a five year old daughter.” she said standing up.

“You don't need a date to go.” said Mrs. Parker.

“I don't even want to go. I'm just to busy with work and school I don't have time.” she said throwing the cereal away.

“You're overstressing yourself. Take one night off.” she said sitting down next to Melanie.

“I've almost got enough money, but I still have a little ways to go before I have it all.” said Lily grabbing her bag and Melanie's.

“Why don't you take the night off tonight? We can all go out and eat.” said Mrs. Parker.

“I don't know.” she said.

“You deserve one night off.” said Mrs. Parker.

“I guess. Come on Melanie time to go.” she said grabbing her daughter's favorite toy, a stuffed bunny.

The little girl hopped off a chair and ran over to the door to go.

“I'm picking up Melanie today.” said Lily as they walked out.

“Alright, see you two, tonight.” called Mrs. Parker from the kitchen.

They walked out to Lily's car and Lily strapped Melanie in her seat.

They pulled out and drove in silence for a minute.

“Mommy?” asked Melanie.

“Yes, sweetheart.”

“Why do you have to work so much?” she asked.

“Well, if we ever want a house of our own, mommy has to work for it.” she said.

“Mommy?” asked the little girl again.


“Why doesn't Daddy come over anymore?” she asked.

“Daddy's been very busy lately.” she said.

“Is he working too?”

“Yes.” she said pulling into Mrs. Daniels driveway.

She and Melanie got out and knocked on the door.

Mrs. Daniels answered with a smile, “Hello, girls.”

“Hi, Mrs. Daniels.” said Lily walking in.

“Are you or your mom picking Melanie up today?” asked Mrs. Daniels as Melanie grabbed her toys and played on the floor.

“I am.” said Lily.

Mrs. Daniels had buried her daughter Hailey a year before. Lily could tell she had been crying before they came.

“I'm dropping Melanie off at school too?” she asked.

“Yes, thank you so much.” she said.

“No trouble. I love that little girl to pieces.” she said.

Lily leaned down to give her daughter a kiss.

“I'll see you later.” she said and walked out.

She drove about 6 miles out until she popped a tire. She got out to fix it. She saw a red car pull up, she waved her hands up to stop it. Someone stepped out and held a gun to her telling her to get in the car. She did as she was told.

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