The Hunger Games (A phil lester fanfiction)

In the country of penem a long time ago there was an uprising and only 12 of the 13 districts survived. To remember this each year one male and one female go into an arena with 22 others 2 from each district and fight to the death.

they call it the hunger games


1. lilly Alice

Hi I am Lilly Alice I am 14 years old. I live in district 12. I live with my mother and father in a small home in the middle of 12. my favourite colour is green like the leafs on the  trees. Life is hard on 12 we have very little food so to keep our families going me and my friend Gale go into the woods and hunt. We keep half of the stuff we hunt ad sell the other half to the people in the seam(middle of the district). We get some really good stuff from the baker Mr Lester. He gives us lots of fresh bread. The cheese from my Mothers goat goes great with the bread so that's what I Gale and I eat when we have leftovers when we are out hunting. 



Today is a day like no other it is reaping day and my name is in around 25 times so the odds are not that much in my favour. I guess all can do is hope I don't get reaped.

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