Piña Coladas in California

"I'll have one piña colada." I said to the girl at the bar. She turned around to reveal a
pretty face smiling back at me. "Actually, I'll have a piña co-hottie." And I winked.


3. When Are You Gonna Quit Your Job?

I shut the door behind me and smile. I like that kid; he was persistent. Can't be a quitter. I pick up my phone and decide to text my friend Georgia.

Hey Georgia! I got off work early, wanna hit the beach?

I pack a bag of things I'd need, knowing she'd say yes.

Sure! Be at your place in a few!

 What did I tell you? Soon, I hear the doorbell ring.

"It's open!" I shout, and Georgia comes in. "You got everything?" I ask.

"Yup. Let's walk, I need the exercise. I spent the morning stuffing Oreos in my fat face." We laugh.

"Fine with me. Let's go." I open the door and we both walk out.

"So, what've you been up to today?"

"Same old, same old."

"When are you gonna quit your stupid job?" She asks.

"Georgia, I don't think any other place is gonna want me! I've been fired from more jobs than my dad has tattoos."

"Wow. That's a lot." I nod in agreement.

"Besides, I'm already twenty-two. I'm never gonna go to college now."

"Speaking of college, I'm graduating in a month; wanna come?"

"Duh! Just because I'm not in college doesn't mean I'd miss my BFF's graduation!"

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