Piña Coladas in California

"I'll have one piña colada." I said to the girl at the bar. She turned around to reveal a
pretty face smiling back at me. "Actually, I'll have a piña co-hottie." And I winked.


1. We Don't Sell Those

"Here's your drink, sir." I set it in front of a man and walk over to Angela.

"Just a half hour till my break." She mutters to me and she reaches for a shaker.

"Mine's in an hour. You're lucky." She nods in agreement and then starts making her drink.

"One piña colada, please." I hear a British voice say. I turn around. "Oh, nevermind," The guy says. "I'll have one piña co-hottie." He winks.

"Oh, sorry, those aren't for sale. But we do have flirty-dickheads half off today!" I snap back.

"Oh, feisty, hey?"

"What's a British boy like yourself doing out here in Cali? If you're looking for the loo, it's not here." I say, mimicking his accent.

"Actually," he says, "I was looking for you."

"Well I wasn't looking for you. So bye." I give him a little wave. He clears his throat.

"My drink?" I roll my eyes and quickly mix together the concoction.

"Your drink." I mock him as I set it in front of him.

"Thanks." He takes a sip and then splashes it on me, making a disgusted face. "Oh, that was terrible!" I give him the death look. "Oh no! I got it all over you! Looks like you'll need to clean that up. You can come with me." He winks.

"British boys are quite a persistent people, are they?" I ask.

"Some are."

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