Piña Coladas in California

"I'll have one piña colada." I said to the girl at the bar. She turned around to reveal a
pretty face smiling back at me. "Actually, I'll have a piña co-hottie." And I winked.


4. Somebody is at the House to See You

"Let's put our stuff here." I suggest, putting my bag down on the sand and laying out my towel.

"Kay." My phone rings from inside my bag, and I pick up.


"Hi, it's Dad."

"Oh hey, Dad! What's up?"

"Somebody is at the house to see you."

"What? Who?"

"I don't know who he is, just come home."


Come home? Someone here to see me? What the hell? And Dad said he didn't know who he is, so it's a guy.

"Hey, apparently someone's at my house to see me. I gotta go home, wanna come with?"

"Sure." Georgia agrees.

Once we arrive at my driveway, there's a black Audi in my parking space, so I have to park alongside the curb. After seeing the Audi, I knew who it was: Harry.

I opened the door of my house to see him and my dad talking.

"You stalker." I snap at him. He smirks. "What do you want?"

"You left your shorts at my house." He hands me some jean shorts.

"Oh, sorry," I give him a fake smile, "Thanks for stopping by, you can go now. Bye bye!" I shoo him away, and he walks out of the door.

"Fine, but that's no way to treat a guest."

"Well, that's how I treat my guests. Now take you fancy car and go back to England to eat some crumpets."

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