Piña Coladas in California

"I'll have one piña colada." I said to the girl at the bar. She turned around to reveal a
pretty face smiling back at me. "Actually, I'll have a piña co-hottie." And I winked.


2. I'm Harry

"I'm Harry by the way." He says to me as he lets me into the hotel room he was staying in.

"I knew you weren't from around here." I mutter to myself.

"You know, most girls would be begging for a picture with me by now."

"Why would I want a picture with you? Oh, you're from that band, right?"

"One Direction?"

"Yeah! I hate them."

"Why? I hear the one with curly hair is totally hot."

"And I hear he's totally not. Besides, love songs aren't really my thing."

"Love songs? Do I look like someone from STR?"


"Don't answer that question. But we came here to get you cleaned up, the washroom's over there." He said to me. I nodded and went inside. I cleaned the sticky pineapple/coconut substance off my cover-up. What? After work, I sun tan or get in the water. I work at a beach, for goodness sake! Once it was all off, I exited the bathroom.


"Well, I can take you back to your job now."

"Eh. I've already been gone a while; they'll know I had somewhere to go."

"Then where do you wanna go?"

"You can drop me at my house." I said to Harry.

"Why can't I stay?" He asks once we pull into the driveway.
"Sorry," I made a fake pouty face, "but my mom says I'm not allowed to invite strangers over."

"We're not strangers!" He protests.

"You don't even know my name."

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