Piña Coladas in California

"I'll have one piña colada." I said to the girl at the bar. She turned around to reveal a
pretty face smiling back at me. "Actually, I'll have a piña co-hottie." And I winked.


5. Get Your Own Place

My dad turns to me after Harry leaves.

"Why were your shorts at some guy's house?" Oh. Yeah, this did look pretty wrong.

"Look, Dad, it looks fucked up, but the story is totally clean. I spilled a drink on me at work and he took me to his hotel to get me cleaned up." My dad smiles.

"Good girl." Georgia and I head out the door.

"Good girl? Saff, you're at a club partying every night! You've dated all of my crushes, and you never drive the speed limit. What do you tell your dad?" I smirk.

"Georgia, I have no idea what you're speaking of. I am an innocent young woman."

"Mhm, right. Anyways, when are you gonna get your own place? If you're looking to date that Brit boy, living with your dad isn't exactly a turn-on."

"Shut up!" I slap her arm.



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