Bloody mary love story


1. the first encounter

They all hated me. I'm just happy they ended my suffering by taking my life. My name Mary also known as Bloody Mary by the other kids in the neighbor hood. They beat me and eventually they smashed my face into a mirror until I died. So I stayed in the mirror that killed me. I stay there and anyone who is foolish enough to call my name into that mirror will die a bloody death, I will smash their face into the mirror and wait for them to die. I've killed dozens of people before I saw her. She bought my mirror at a thrift store. And she hung me in her beautiful house above above the fire place. One day her best friend was over and she dared her to say Bloody Mary 3 times in the mirror. I was ready to strike. After she was done I grabbed her and started to smash. She was bleeding and her friend was screaming. She was begging for mercy but I didn't stop.

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