Bloody mary love story


2. dead together

I killed her that night I felt her blood rush down my hands. I could move I just stared at her lifeless body. She looked so peaceful. When I looked back at the mirror I saw her standing there just staring at me and her body. " why did you kill me, do you have no heart?" She whispered. I just stared I have no idea what to say to her. "Well?" She yelled. "What's your name" I finally decided to ask. "Rose, my name is rose" she says. " I'm Mary and why are you not after if of me I just brutally murdered you and your in my mirror." I said. " well" she began " this isn't the craziest thing that had happen to me. I had just got separated from my doctor. He was a wonderful man. I got this house when I moved out of my parents house. This was such a beautiful mirror I just had to have it for my first house, and I put it over the fireplace so if I saw my doctor he could see it. He would have loved to see it." She said with sadness in her voice.

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