Who Would Of Guessed

Just after her breakup with her boyfriend of four years, Eddy, Bridget thinks she'll never find true love again. Who would of guessed she found it at a baseball game. Ryan is her dream come true. A tall, hot baseball player who brings is Bridget's new future


4. Chapter 4

When I got home, my mom were waiting for me. I guess I had a huge smile on my face when I got  home because my mom asked,"Wow, you seem happy. Something good happen?"

"She was probably with Eddy." My brother laughed from the other room.

"Shut up! I was not with that loser. I just had a good time. Were you waiting for me?" I responded.

"Yes, that house you wanted to rent with Sen and Penny, the landlords approved. You guys can move in in the next month."

"Really? Yay! I'm going to start packing." I ran up to my room and starting packing my stuff. We had planned to move in right as we were cleared. Now that we are, I can't wait to get my college life started.

I called Melanie as I was packing to tell her about my date with Ryan.

"Hey, Mel. Oh my gosh, the date was great!" I said as soon as she answered.

"Oh yay! Tell me all the details." She said excited.

"Well, I meet his dog, who is also an Australian Shepherd. Then we went out to lunch and had so much fun."

"Did you kiss him?"

"Yeah. I didn't want to be pushy, but when he leaned in to kiss me, I couldn't resist. He is just so hot!"

"Bridget, you did, didn't you?"

"What did I do?"

"You slept with him!"

"I didn't sleep with him!"

After there was no more to tell Melanie, I finished packing most of my clothes and took them up to the new place. 

I drove by the stadium on they away there and saw the lights on. Ryan was probably out there right now. By the time I dropped off some of my stuff and my new place and returned to my parent's, it was about ten. I had a text from Ryan when i got home 

It read- 

Hey, sorry it's late. Just finished my game. I don't have many more days in town. Hoping to see you a lot more before I leave..Tomorrow?

I replied-

Sounds good. I am in the middle packing because I'm moving, but I'm sure I could fit something in.


Maybe I could help you unpack and we could just hang out?


You are amazing, you know?


I've been told. What time?


Whenever you want :P


See you at 11 beautiful.


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