Who Would Of Guessed

Just after her breakup with her boyfriend of four years, Eddy, Bridget thinks she'll never find true love again. Who would of guessed she found it at a baseball game. Ryan is her dream come true. A tall, hot baseball player who brings is Bridget's new future


3. Chapter 3

The next day I eagerly got ready to go on a date with Ryan. We were just going to go to a cute deli so I didn't dress up to much.I put on some white shorts and a cute teal spring top since it was hot outside.

I told my parents I was going to hang out with some friends so they wouldn't know I had a very cute date to go meet. I followed the directions to his house. They led me to a cute apartment building not to far from my parent's house.

I found his apartment number and knocked on the door. He answered and smiled."Wow, you look beautiful.Come in. Don't be threatened by the big lump." He pointed to his dog.

"Oh, thanks." I came in and a huge dog greeted me."You have an Australian Shepherd! I have one too."

"Really? This is Rocket. He is my wing-man."

"I love him!" I petted Rocket and smiled. "Mine is named Sierra. She is my girl."

"They have to meet some time. You ready to go?"

"Yeah, sure." I looked around his apartment. You could tell his life was baseball. Autographs, signed baseballs, bats, and other things were all around the house."Nice Mako."

"They are awesome." He picked the Easton bat off the table and showed me it." Is it sad I bought this, but will probably never use it?"

"Not at all."

We talked all the way to the deli and enjoyed our lunch together. We had so much in common, more than I thought. I never thought I would actually meet a nice guy at the baseball game. Maybe Melanie was right.

On the car ride back, Ryan asked," You are so perfect. How do you not have a boyfriend?"

I chuckled."Well, I did. For four years, but he got drafted to the Yankees and it just went downhill from there."

"Oh, that sucks. That's how me and my ex broke up. Got drafted to Texas, then traded here."

"See, if you were in Texas, we wouldn't of met."

When we reached his place,we got out of the car and I hugged him goodbye. I really wanted to kiss him, but didn't want to be to forward. Luckily, he wanted the same thing. He leaned in to kiss me and I didn't resist. Our lips pressed together and I smiled against his lips. I felt him do the same.

We pulled away from each other and I went to my car. I felt something so different when  I kissed him. It was different than when I kissed Eddy. There was something there. I'm not sure what though.



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