Who Would Of Guessed

Just after her breakup with her boyfriend of four years, Eddy, Bridget thinks she'll never find true love again. Who would of guessed she found it at a baseball game. Ryan is her dream come true. A tall, hot baseball player who brings is Bridget's new future


2. Chapter 2

I walk back to my seat. How did I not pick up he was hitting on me? I could of said something! He is actually really cute. Good going Bridget. I hand the baseball to Jason and sit down. The ticket falls out of my pocket.

Melanie grabs it and sees the writing on the back."He gave you his number! He likes you!! Tell me what you talked about?"

"He asked me my name and to wait for him after the game." I shrugged."Then he told me I was pretty."

"See, he does like you! He is so much hotter than Eddy, plus he isn't a pitcher! He's a catcher like you! You have to wait for him after the game."

"I don't even know him! He probably just wants sex like ever other athlete. He travels. He doesn't have time for a relationship."

"Eddy just polluted your head with that crap! Anyway, Jason say thank you to Bridget."

"Thanks so much,Aunt Bridget!" Jason smiled and looked at the ball.

" That might be your uncle soon." Melanie teased.

I buried my face in my hands and chuckled. Soon the game started and it was aware the team sucked. Right off the bat, that was good pun, the other team was killing them. I looked for Ryan, but didn't spot him in the field.

He eventually came up to bat and I found out he was the DH. The first time up to bat he hit a nice double and me and Melanie of course cheered. He's cute, why not!

The game was 5-0 until Ryan came up and hit a home run.Melanie looked at me and said, "The cute guy can hit."

"Check." I laughed.

Pretty soon the end of the game came and I was getting ready to leave when I realized I was asked to stay. Where do I wait for him? Do I even? 

It was firework night, so Melanie and Jason stayed inside the stadium to watch that, while I went outside to meet Ryan. I spotted him walking out, but he didn't see me. I didn't want to be weird so I continued walking.

"Not going to wait, were you?" I heard a voice.

I turned around and saw Ryan."Of course I was, I just didn't know where to meet you."

"Didn't stay to watch the fireworks?"

"I'd rather talk to you than listen to screaming kids."

"Agreed. So, tell me about yourself." Ryan said walking away.

"Where are you going?"

"A great spot to see the fireworks." He reached out his hand and I took it,resisting at first.

He lead me up in the parking garage and we went to the 9th floor. He leaned against the wall that overlooked the stadium.

I stood next to him and said,"Good hit tonight."

"That's why I'm the DH." He smiled."Get back to telling me about yourself."

"Well, I'm 18, well, not even. I turn 18 in July."

"Nice. July what?"


"That's funny. I was born on July 28th."

"Wow, really?"

"Yeah. Are you going to college?"

"Going to UC Davis this fall. I want to be a vet. I'm going to play softball there too."

"I wanted to go there. It's a nice school. What position do you play?""I'm a catcher, but they'll probably play me somewhere in the infield."

"I understand that. I'm a catcher, but they don't play me there. They got that German guy playing there."

"I'm sure you're so much better."

We talked through all the fireworks, not even paying attention to them. He was really funny and sweet. Maybe he was just what I needed right now.

"I'm glad I stayed to talk to you." I smiled.

"I'm glad you stayed too. Can I see you again?"

"Of course!"

"Good. Would you like to go out to lunch tomorrow?"

"Sure. I'll text you and you can tell me the details. I have to go. My ride is going to leave me." I started to walk away when I stopped. I turned around and said."Bye."

"Bye." He smiled.

I ran quickly to Melanie's car to find she wasn't even waiting for me. She walked up about 5 minutes later, smiling. Once we got in the car, Jason fell asleep.

I told her all about our conversation and that I was texting him right now."He told me I could meet him at his place." I told Melanie.

"Booty call!" Melanie shouted.

"At 11:30 in the morning? Think he'd be more classy."

Melanie dropped me off at my parents house and I climbed the stairs thinking about tomorrow. Ryan was so much cuter than Eddy, but I still thought about Eddy. Sure enough, I had a text from him.

It read-

Hey, all I can think about is you. I really miss you. Playing the Ports in two weeks. Can i see you then?

I deleted the message and went to bed.

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