Who Would Of Guessed

Just after her breakup with her boyfriend of four years, Eddy, Bridget thinks she'll never find true love again. Who would of guessed she found it at a baseball game. Ryan is her dream come true. A tall, hot baseball player who brings is Bridget's new future


1. Chapter 1

Well, this is exactly what I want to do. Sure, I love baseball and hot baseball players, but now isn't really the time. I just broke up with Eddy. 

Melanie drives into the parking lot and her son, Jason claps."Okay, we're here!" 

"Great." I sigh.

"If you aren't going to look at the hot baseball players, then I will. I'm sure they are ten times hotter than Eddy."

"You just want to get laid." I roll my eyes and get out the car." I was kidding." I smile over at Melanie."I didn't mean that and of course I'll look."

As we wait in line to pick up our tickets, I look up at the stats for opposing teams. I see Eddy's name. Next to it, the stats for the game he just pitched. An ERA of 0. He as thrown two shut outs in less than a month. Good for him. I honestly don't care. Or do I?

After we found our seats and sat down, I saw Melanie smile at all the cute players. Shouldn't we be here to watch the game? I guess this is what some girls do. I've never done this before. I always had Eddy, I never had to look.

Eddy was my boyfriend all throughout high school. He was pretty much an ass, but I still loved him. He got drafted to play for the Yankees and I knew there would be no room for me anymore. It would be easier now than later I thought. Guess I was wrong.

"Bridget! Look at him!" Melanie nudged me and smiled.

"Who him? He has a beard. You know I hate beards!" I laugh and some ladies in front of us glance back.

"Not him! That one. Number 27!" Melanie pulled out her booklet they had given us when we arrived. She found  the roaster and read me the information." His name is Ryan! He is 19 and oh! He is 6'5. Perfect for you."

" If he's a pitcher you need to get over yourself."

"Infielder/ catcher." I roll my eyes at her."He is signing something. Go talk to him. Say you need an autograph for Jason!"

"What! No!"

Melanie gives me the look and I grab the baseball and walk over to where he is. I stand there for a second, my hand draped over the fence with the baseball in it. Before I know it I drop it."Dam-"

"This yours?" A deep voice asks me and I look up to see number 27. Wow, he is cute.

"Uh, yeah. It's my friend's sons. I came to get him an autograph." I nod my head, playing it off.

"What's your name?"


"No, yours, but I'll write it to Jason."

"Oh, uh, Bridget. Sorry, blonde moment."

"Have them all the time." He laughs."I'm Ryan."

"Nice to meet you."

"Same. Do you have your ticket?"

"Uh, yeah, why?" I pull it out and he takes it. He writes something on the back of it and hands it back.

"I have to go, but if you wait a few minutes after the game maybe we can talk?"


"How pretty you are." He smiled and handed me the ball. I stood there as he walked into the dugout. I flipped the ticket over.

It read-

Hope to see you again sometime



I just got a baseball players number...great.

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