My Paper Heart.

Scarlett is going to a new camp. One problem, she was placed in the wrong cabbin and is roomed with five incredibly adorable guys. Each with their own story. But one sticks with her the most, and time flies by too quickly.

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30. With Ears to See and Eyes to Hear.

"Here, it's the acoustic version from an EP." Tyson tells me. He hands me his iPod and I hit play.

"True friends lie underneath,

These witty words I don't believe

I can't believe a damn thing they say anymore,"

Already I'm in love. This is beautiful, I love the singer's voice. I find myself smiling and I nod my head along to the rhythm.

"Do you like it?" Tyson asks. He's tuning a spare guitar not even looking at me.

"I'm singing this song." I tell him. He looks up at me with a raised eyebrow.

He smiles though, "They're good huh?"

"I love it. I love it, I love it, I love it." I repeat the sentence over a few times. Another song comes on, 'Roger Rabbit'.

"Is this any good?" I ask. I hold the screen up to Tyson and he reads the song title. He smiles.

"Yeah, keep listening. There's only three songs left." He goes back to his guitar and strums a few chords.

I'm in love with these few songs and I can't wait to learn the lyrics to each one.

"Which one do you wanna sing?" Tyson asks me.

"All of them!" I say laughing. Tyson smiles and shakes his head.

"Only one, sadly." He says. He smiles and I can't help but smile back.

"The last one, ears to see eyes to hear." I say with a sigh. I really wish I could sing each and every one of them. They are so beautiful, I love them all.

"Okay, let me teach you how to play it," Tyson says. For the next hour or so I learn how to play the difficult song. When I listened to the song it seemed so easy to play, in reality I want to give up and just sing it as a karaoke version.

I get the hang of it though, thankfully, and soon I know the song by heart. Tyson said he would sing 'Don't You Ever Forget About Me', it's from the same album and I smile.

"I dedicate these songs to Hunter." Tyson says with a smirk.

I laugh and roll my eyes. They suit our feelings towards him, yes, but he probably wouldn't care.

"Are you ready to write a song?" Tyson asks me. He puts his guitar down and pulls out a few sheets of paper. I think I saw him grab them earlier, he hid them underneath my guitar case. Probably so they couldn't fly away.

I cringe. "No. I've never written a song before."

"Do you write poetry?" He asks. He hands me three blank sheets and a pen.


"So just write poetry but put a guitar to it." He says with a shrug. He smiles at me and starts scribbling words onto the paper.

"What do I write about?" I ask.

He looks back up at me and smiles. "Whatever you want to."

Whatever I want huh? I look around me, I'm literally in a heaven, with a guy I care way too much about, a cute crazy psychopath gave me sleeping pills and told the camp I was drunk, and I fell in love with a new band.

So what do I want to write about?

(Tyson's point of view.)

I sneak a glance at Scarlett and she carefully writes something on the paper. She's so cute I can't even begin to believe it.

I look back at the words I wrote, Your perfection amazes me, I can't believe I met you finally.

I mentally smack myself, these are so pathetic and cheesy. I know Scarlett will like it, but I feel like such an idiot.

"What rhymes with dizzy?" She asks me.

"Fizzy, me, leave, busy." I state. I look back up at her and she's smiling.

"What are you writing about?" She asks me.

"Um," I feel myself blush and she smiles even wider, "something."

"Something?" She asks with a half laugh.

I sigh and show her the paper. Her eyes scan over the lyrics and she smiles as wide as she possibly can.

"Do you like it?" I ask. She's not saying anything, usually she always has something to say (and it bugs me sometimes) but now I just need her to say something.

She giggles and nods, "This is so cute! Who's it about?"

I stare dumbfound into her beautiful eyes. She doesn't know it's about her? "Uh, well, I was writing it for... uh, well I um," to my amazement I let out a nervous laugh, "it-it's for you."

Shock washes over her face and her mouth hangs open in a perfect 'o'. Her eyes go wide and I can't help but blush.

"You're writing a song... for me?" She asks, her voice comes out in a hesitant squeak and I smile even wider.

"Yeah, why wouldn't I?" I ask.

"I don't know," she hands the paper back to me. She smiles and looks back down to the paper in her hands. She scribbles down some more words and I try to read her handwriting upside-down.

"What are you writing about?" I ask.

"How I felt when Hunter gave me the sleeping pills." She says sheepishly.

I laugh, "Why are you writing about that?"

"I don't know, I felt like I needed to explain myself to everyone at the camp. They think I got drunk and snuck in stuff. I don't want people looking at me differently for the rest of the time I'm up here."

"Most people are going home."

"Still, the ones who stay might spread rumors."

"Touché." I say. I let her write and work on finishing my song. I'm actually really happy with it, usually I don't write a lot of songs and the few that I do suck. This one's different, like Scarlett. I smile and title the song 'Stay With Me'.

Hopefully she likes it.

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