My Paper Heart.

Scarlett is going to a new camp. One problem, she was placed in the wrong cabbin and is roomed with five incredibly adorable guys. Each with their own story. But one sticks with her the most, and time flies by too quickly.

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24. What Are We?

(Tyson's point of view.)

My eyes snap open and I scramble out of bed and rush to Scarlett's bunk two rooms away.

Random thoughts jumble in my mind, most are praying she's awake so I can talk to her.

Scarlett's asleep. Her back is facing me and one of her arms is slung on her waist, her hand falling on her hip.

I sigh, I wish she was awake... I go back to my side of the cabin and change into a shirt and pair of jeans. I'm in the middle of brushing my teeth when I hear Scarlett softly call out my name.

I spit in the sink then run to her bunk. She rubs her forehead and looks around the room confused.

"Hey, are you okay?" I ask. I sit down on the corner of the bunk and she half smiles at me.

"Yeah, I um... what happened?" She smiles sheepishly, as if she's trying to apologies.

"Last night was Midnight Delight, remember?" I say softly. I put my hand on her knee and she purses her lips.

God, she's beautiful.

"I don't remember a lot. I know I was dancing with Alexandrea, Marcelene, and Carrie and we were singing... then Hunter gave me a soda... then I was sitting next to you and everything slowed down..." Scarlett pauses and looks up at me. "What happened last night?"

I sigh. I don't want to tell her the truth, that Hunter gave her sleeping pills, but she deserves to know.

"I uh, I think Hunter-"

"Oh! That's right! He said he was sorry for starting the fights with you. He also said that he wants to talk to you... by the... Ga-Ga pit? Yeah, the Ga-Ga pit. Before breakfast." She gives me a bright smile. I can't help but smile with her.

"Okay, I'll talk to him." I say, forcing a smile. I'll talk to him alright. I can already see a vivid vision of myself screaming at Hunter and then getting into a fight. I have to make sure Scarlett won't be there to witness it.

I lean forward and kiss her forehead before I get up and move back to my part of the cabin.


I stop in the doorway and turn back around to face her. Her voice was so small, cautious. It's like she's afraid of something.

"Yeah?" I ask. I lean against the doorframe and stick my hands in my pockets.

"Um," she bites her lip and looks away, "are we a couple or something?"

My eyes widen. I look away and I rub the back of my neck. Are we? Hell, I would love to be but would she?

"I mean, if it's okay with you because I mean- I mean, I don't know but I've just been so confused and flustered and-"

"Scarlett! Slow down," I say laughing. She's talking at a hundred miles an hour!

I walk back over to were she's still sitting in her bed and take her hand in mine, I sit down and she looks back at me with her bright eyes.

"I just, I like you and-"

I lean forward and kiss her. I love her voice but she needs to stop talking.

I pull back and smile at her. "Would you like to be a couple?"

Her eyes sparkle and she blushes. She smiles and looks away, "Yeah, um, I would love to be."

I smile at her and shrug. "Then we're a couple."

She gives me a big smile, then looks back at me. She's blushing still, she's so cute.

I kiss her cheek before I get up and go back to my part of the cabin. I smile in the mirror at myself.

It dawns on me that Polaroid and Dundee aren't here. Where are they always going?

Whatever, when they're gone I can hang out with Scarlett more.

I lay down on my bunk and fold my hands behind my head. I find myself staring at the ceiling with a smirk playing at my lips.

I laugh to myself, what is this girl doing to me?!

The cabin door opens and I roll over to see both councilors muttering angrily between each other.

"What's up?" I ask. I sit up right.

"Uh, nothing you should be worried about. Just a little drama." Dundee says.

I nod. I know something's up. But because they won't tell me, it seems to be a lost cause and I give up.

"Is anyone else awake?" Polaroid asks.

"I don't know." I answer. I didn't pay any attention when I passed the middle room, I was either too focused on talking to Scarlett or too happy because I was in her presence.

"Okay, I'll check then, I guess."

I nod and lay back down. My foot hits something and I hear the crinkle of paper.


I sit back up and see the letter from Jennifer. My heart stops and I feel cold. I start to unfold the paper...

No. No more.

I get up and rip the letter to shreds before I throw it into the trash.

The words that have haunted me are finally gone.

I need to see Scarlett. I rush to her end of the cabin and see her sitting on her bunk. She's wearing a red skirt and a white mid-sleeve shirt. Her hair's wet and she's putting on her makeup.

"I told you before," she looks up at me startled and we smile at the same time. "You don't need that."

She laughs and I feel warm again. I walk over and sit on the corner of her bunk.

"I like it though." She says softly. She brushes something over her cheek and looks back into the handheld mirror resting in her palm.

I smile at her. How is it that she was dropped into my life?

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