My Paper Heart.

Scarlett is going to a new camp. One problem, she was placed in the wrong cabbin and is roomed with five incredibly adorable guys. Each with their own story. But one sticks with her the most, and time flies by too quickly.

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45. Welcome... I Guess...

~~I stand behind Tyson, I can't believe that Jennifer decided to come to our cabin even after she kissed Tyson!

I peak around him and anger ignites in me. She's acting innocent, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear and fumbling for words to say.

"I'm sure she and Scarlett will be fine." Dundee says firmly. Oh, if he only knew.

Polaroid seems to be thinking the same thing, he glares at Dundee and then scans over Jennifer. I hope he sees through her persona, why didn't I see through it earlier? I sigh and then sulk back to my bunk. I sit down on the bunk and pull out my book.

I wish the camp let me bring in my phone, but no, any iPod or MP3 that could access the internet was not aloud. I sighed and debated on asking Tyson if I could borrow his iPod. He probably would, but the fear of loosing it makes me hesitate.

"Hi ya."

I look up and see a seemingly shy Jennifer. She shifts from one foot to the other and smiles at me. "I'm Jennifer, I think you know me-"

"I know who you are." I snap. Shock comes over her face, then the act falls and she gives me a false smile.

"Good, then you know about me and Tyson."

I roll my eyes and try to go back to my book. I sing 'Only Prettier' by Miranda Lambert in my head and try to block out the stare Jennifer is giving me.

"I assume you know about how he kissed me?" She purrs.

"Liar!" I nearly shout. I slam my book closed and stand up. I'm almost face to face and the look Jennifer is giving me makes me want to slap her. "You kissed him!"

"Did I?" She asks smiling. She scoffs and looks around, finally her eyes land back on me and the anger I have is almost amusing to her. "Why would I, when I have Hunter?"

"I don't know, to mess with Tyson." I accuse. I throw my book back onto my bed and stomp out of the room. I make a b-line for Tyson's bunk but I stop when I hear him talking.

"I promise, nothing will happen." He says.

"But will she want to move over here?" Polaroid asks.

"Do you want a fight on your hands?" Tyson replies.

"Tyson, how can you be sure that Scarlett will-"

"I'm not worried about Scarlett, she wouldn't hurt a butterfly. It's Jennifer. I know her, better than anyone in this entire cabin, she used to get in fights all the time. Do you want that?"

There's silence for a long time, then Polaroid speaks again. "Okay, but Tyson, if I catch you-"

"I promise, you don't need to worry about that." There's happiness in his voice, and it makes me smile.

"You hear it to, huh?"

I whip around and Jennifer is smiling at me. I scowl and turn back around.

"Tyson's making plans so that I room with him and you room with the councilors." Jennifer taunts.

I feel the tears start, my faith in Tyson slowly slipping away. No, he wouldn't do that. I keep telling myself over and over that he wouldn't do that to me.

I walk into the room and Tyson immediately smiles at me. I feel relieved, he wouldn't smile at me if he was planning me to switch rooms with him.

"Scarlett, would you be okay if Tyson and Jennifer switched bunks?" Polaroid asks.

"Sure, I'm totally-"

"WHAT?!" Jennifer storms into the room and Tyson wraps his arm around my waist. Jennifer looks from Tyson to Polaroid and then to me. "You're having me move? That's not fair!"

"Jennifer, Dundee and I would only be rooming in here, we'd shower in the next cabin and you would have total privacy." Polaroid calmly explains.

"No! If anything she should be switching! Not me!" Jennifer points at me and Tyson's grip on my tightens.

"That's our only option." Polaroid says. "Please move your things over here."

Jennifer groans and stomps away. Tyson smiles down at me and then looks back up to Polaroid, "Thanks."

"No problem, but remember, if I catch you two..." Polaroid lets his statement hang in the air.

"Wouldn't dream of it." Tyson re-assures him. He starts to re pack his stuff and I help him move his bedding over to my side of the cabin. Jennifer is sulking as she angrily throws the little she had unpacked back into her suitcase.

Tyson moves all of his stuff over and by then it's time for the electives. We both have guitar and Tyson says we need to work on his music video. He goes through my clothes and hands me a pair of shorts and my sweater. I'm a little curious on why he chose this, but I shrug and go into the bathroom to change. From outside, Tyson tells me to tie my hair up in a ponytail and to fix my makeup. I don't argue, I look like a mess.

When I'm done, Tyson smiles at me and leads me back to Rock Star.

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