My Paper Heart.

Scarlett is going to a new camp. One problem, she was placed in the wrong cabbin and is roomed with five incredibly adorable guys. Each with their own story. But one sticks with her the most, and time flies by too quickly.

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26. 'Talking' With Hunter.

(Tyson's point of view)

Scarlett squeezes my hand and I follow her gaze to Hunter.

Anger rises up in me and I fight the urge to do something stupid.

"Go inside, I'll talk to him and then I'll sit down with you, okay?" I tell her. I really don't want her to see me get in a fight, not that I will it's just an option of what might happen in the near future.

"Okay, don't fight, please?" She kisses my cheek and I smile at her. Of course she knows what I'm thinking, but now I'm pretty content with not bashing Hunters head into a wall.

"Okay, I promise." I tell her. She smiles back at me then lets go of my hand then walks into the mess hall.

Back to Hunter.

I turn around and see him watching her walk away. I breathe slowly, trying not to get mad. I plaster on a small fake smile and walk over to him.

"So, you wanted to talk?" I call over, I'm still a good foot or two away from him.

He chuckles, then gets up and walks over to me. I stop and fold my arms over my chest. Who does he think he is?

"Look, I wanted to apologize-"

"Oh cut the crap." I cut him off. The smirk on his face brightens and he seems amused. For Scarlett's sake I promised I wouldn't hurt him, but I'm getting really tempted to go back on my promise.

"I've missed you too, Ty." He says.

I pause and try to read his face, like how they do on murder TV shows. He seems calm, he must be getting a kick out of my anger.

"Why'd you do it?" I ask.

"Do what?" He asks. He raises an eyebrow like he's unaware of my question.

God I hate him.

"Why'd you give her sleeping pills? And whatever else you've done."

"Who? What else did I do?" He asks. He laughs a little, he's enjoying this!

"Scarlett. You put sleeping pills in her drink. And I know you had Jeremy watch us during electives. Stop acting like you're so innocent."

The smile on his face fades away. "I gave her the pills? Or, she snuck in booze? I had Jeremy watching you, I think both of you know that by now." He says slowly.

"Wait. What do you mean by she snuck in alcohol?" I ask.

Hunter smiles. "I told everyone- everyone- that Scarlett snuck in liquor, beer, and a few other things. By tonight you will have your cabin checked and by tomorrow? She'll be packing for home."

My face falls. Why would he do that? Why am I not doing anything to the sick person in front of me?

"You... You what?"

We both turn and see a teary-eyed Scarlett watching us.

"Scarlett, wh- what? When'd you get here?" Hunter asks. He's panicking.

I rush over to her and wrap her in my arms. She starts to cry and I try to get her to calm down.

"You jerk! Why would you do this?" She shouts at him.

"I'm the jerk? Me? You're the one that's in his arms! Not mine! No, you wouldn't listen to me and now I've lost another girl to him."

"You're acting like this is a competition!" I accuse him.

"Whatever," he snarls, "she'll be gone soon enough."

He stalks back into the mess hall and Scarlett hugs me.

"I'm not really going home, am I?" She whispers.

"No, no I won't let them send you back." I say.

Fear hits me. They wouldn't send her home unless they found anything. Then again I don't think they even send anyone home, just take away their privileges of the evening activities.

Why would Hunter be so sure Scarlett was being sent home?

"Scarlett," I say, my voice is shaky and I have to pause before I speak again. "I think Hunter hid something in the cabin."

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