My Paper Heart.

Scarlett is going to a new camp. One problem, she was placed in the wrong cabbin and is roomed with five incredibly adorable guys. Each with their own story. But one sticks with her the most, and time flies by too quickly.

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34. Show Time and Butterflies.

Oh, the butterflies. My nerves are going haywire and I'm afraid I'm going to pass out. Tyson's standing next to me as we applaud Carrie who finishes singing 'Midnight Memories' by One Direction.

We're next, singing 'Just By Being You'. I'm shaking, literally shaking. I'm so nervous, I don't think I can do this.

"Hey," Tyson's hand snakes around mine and I look up at him. "It's okay."

I nod and watch as Guvna announced our names. Tyson drags me onstage with him and I feel every nerve in my body go static. Everyone's eyes are on me and I feel my breathing picking up. Tyson shares a few words with Guvna, but I don't hear him. I'm looking into the eyes of every face staring back at me; almost like they're expecting something.


I jump and turn back to Tyson. He's already picking the intro and I feel myself panic. What song were we singing again? Why was I doing this?

Tyson stepped closer to his mic and watched me as he sang. His soft voice immediately calmed me and I felt myself smile. I regained myself and started to sing with him. This was easy, why was I so nervous before?


(Tyson's point of view)

My God, she sings like an angel.

I watch Scarlett from the bleachers, I clap along to the steady rhythm of her song ('Scene Five- With Ears to See and Eyes to Hear' by Sleeping With Sirens). She looks so comfortable up there, she's such a natural.

I was worried about her for a little bit, when she was blankly staring into the crowd. She didn't even hear Guvna tell her she looked like she was going to faint. I put on a fake smile (because everyone laughed along like her anxiety was some sort of joke) and laughed along. I was close to loosing it, but only told him, "She's just nervous."

I don't know why she was so nervous. She played the first night here, and I think she played at the field the first day too. I really know nothing about this beautiful girl.

Scarlett finishes her song and I stand up and clap as she waves to the crowd. She really is something else.

She runs over to me and wraps her arms around me. I smile and kiss her cheek, "You were amazing, babe."

She looks up at me, wide eyed and smiling. "Babe?"

"Can I call you that?" I ask. I didn't realize I called her that, it just rolled off my tongue.

She smiled and kissed me quickly. "Of course... babe."

I smiled at her, where had this little sassy side of her come from? Whatever it was, it was the cutest thing I had ever seen from her. She smiled at me and took my hand in hers, we sat down and watched one of the other campers go onstage. I replayed the chords to 'I for You' in my head and clapped along with Scarlett.


I snap out of my trance and look up at Ace. "Hey."

"You're up man," he tells me smiling. He winks to Scarlett, but she misses it. For some dumb reason he's wearing sunglasses, it's probably past eight o'clock and he's wearing sunglasses?

I kiss Scarlett's cheek quickly, then rush on stage. There's a few people who let out an 'ooh', I guess they caught me steal that little kiss. Whatever, I really don't care.

I get on stage and Guvna smiles at me. "Round two?"

"You know it, man." I say smiling. I grab a guitar off the rack, I think it's Scarlett's actually, and strum a little as I walk up to the mic.

I smile out to the crowd, my eyes scan and I see a few of Scarlett's friends, a few people I know, then my eyes land on her. And she's the only light I can see right now.

"This song," I say still smiling, "is for a special, very special person." I take a pause and start to play, the picking's a little hard, but I feel like I've gotten the hang of it. I start to sing and when I glance over at Scarlett, her eyes are watering like she's about to cry and her hands cover her mouth. She's smiling, I can tell, but a part of me wants to stop so I can comfort her.

I keep playing, knowing if I stop that it won't do anything. She's just in shock, I think, that I'm singing this song for her. I smile and pick the last note. I smile wider and put the guitar back, slowly and taking my time, before I casually walk back to the bleachers.

I'm barely off the stage before Scarlett's arms are around me and her lips are pressed to mine.

I think I'm in love with this girl.

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