My Paper Heart.

Scarlett is going to a new camp. One problem, she was placed in the wrong cabbin and is roomed with five incredibly adorable guys. Each with their own story. But one sticks with her the most, and time flies by too quickly.

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28. Search Party.

Polaroid leads us out to in front of the mess hall, breakfast is over and people are just going to their electives.

We all look around for Hunter, I scan my mind trying to remember what elective he had. I think it was film?

I look over to the film group and see Harry laughing. Nope, wrong group.

"Do you remember which group Hunter's in?" I ask Tyson.

"Group?" He asks as he scans the dozens of faces around us.

"Elective or whatever," I tell him. He fights a smile and I can't help but smile too.

"He's in Secret Agent Camp." Polaroid says. "They already went to the ATV course."

"Where is that?" I ask. I knew that for the swimming and water sports stuff they're taken to Big Bear lake.

"Just over here, follow me." Polaroid walks quickly to the field where we all met up the first day. I see a little dirt trail close by and Polaroid starts following it.

"Polaroid! What are you doing here?"

I turn and see a councilor, I think his name is Marvel, driving a little John Deere cart.

"I need to find a camper, can I borrow the cart?" Polaroid calls over.

Marvel drives up next to us and studies me. He looks at Polaroid an shrugs. "Sure, Aces is looking for you, he's not very happy."

"Whatever. Tell him I'm doing something important." Polaroid says, his voice is tired and he rubs his forehead.

"See you then." He tells us. He gets off the cart and walks away with his hands in his pockets.

"Get in, we'll get Hunter and take him to Guvna." Polaroid tells us.

The cart only has a bench, so I have no idea where Hunter will sit when we get him. I sit between the two and as soon as we're situated Polaroid floors the gas and we rocket forward.

Trees and shrubs pass by in the blink of an eye, we pass the pond and I smile seeing the sun reflect off the water.

The trees thin out a little bit the farther we drive and soon I see a race track. A kid on an ATV drives by and coughs on the dust we bring in.

Polaroid brakes and everyone stops to look at us. There's about twenty guys here, and about three councilors.

I scan all the faces and finally my eyes meet Hunter's. His eyes are cold and he gives me a smirk.

I grab Tyson's hand and squeeze it. I'd like to know what I did to Hunter to make him be so mean.

"Polaroid? What are you doing here?" One of the councilors asks. Another takes off their helmet and I'm kinda shocked to see Hero.

"I need one of your campers. I have a um... problem..." Polaroid says. That phrase seems to be in a code because all of the councilors seem to be shocked.

Hero's eyes go wide and she looks around at the surrounding teenagers. She seems to be in shock thinking one of her campers would do something that would be 'a problem'.

The first councilor walks up to us and whispers, "Which one?" to Polaroid.

"McClain, Hunter." He whispers back.

The councilor nods and looks back to the group of teenagers. He calls Hunter's name and walks away.

Hunter smiles and walks up to us. "Good to see you again, Polaroid."

"Hunter, get in the cart?" Polaroid says.

"But there's no seats. Unless you want me to sit in Tyson's or Scarlett's lap..." Hunter gives me a low smile.

"Sit in the back." Polaroid snaps.

Hunter shrugs as if he was pointing out the obvious. He climbs into the bed of the cart and Polaroid drives (at a regular speed) to the mess hall.

"Tyson, Scarlett, you can go back to Rock Star or you can come with me." Polaroid tells us.

"I'll go with you." Tyson says automatically.

"Me too." I say.

We all walk to the small office that is right in the middle of the entrance of the mess hall. Polaroid knocks on a door that has a plaque that reads 'MANAGER'.

"Open." Guvna's voice answers.

Polaroid opens the door and we all shuffle into the small room. It's completely white with brown furniture everywhere.

"How can I, um, help you?" Guvna asks.

Polaroid launches into the entire story, Hunter and Tyson's two fights, giving me sleeping pills, telling people I was drunk, and hiding stuff in Tyson's and my rooms.

I zone out, I don't want to relive all of this. It was bad enough the first time, why do I have to go through this again?

I rest my head on Tyson's shoulder and close my eyes.

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