My Paper Heart.

Scarlett is going to a new camp. One problem, she was placed in the wrong cabbin and is roomed with five incredibly adorable guys. Each with their own story. But one sticks with her the most, and time flies by too quickly.

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33. Running Out Of Time.

~~(Tyson's point of view.)

I wake up and blink a few times. Memories from last nights dance make their appearance and I smile.

Last night couldn't have gone any better. Scarlett knew every song and every now and then would sing along softly.

Last night, during the last song ('Wanted' by Hunter Hayes) I kissed her. Yes, cliche and pathetic, but it worked for me.

I get out of bed and grab a change of clothes. Scarlett doesn't usually wake up before me so I get ready then walk over to her part of the cabin. She's still asleep, so I sit down on the bunk across from her and smile.

I think she brought a book? I get back up and look around her stuff. I find a worn copy of Warm Bodies and I thumb through the pages. Scarlett highlighted multiple lines and quotes in the book, some not even making any sense to me.

Scarlett stirs and I look up at her. She sits up and stretches, when she glances over at me her eyes widen and she smiles.

"Why are you over here?" She asks me.

I smile and close the book. "Good morning to you too."

She smiles and looks away. "Sorry, but just... I thought you weren't aloud over here?"

Oh, that's right. I can almost remember every word Polaroid and Dundee told me and the rest of the guys on the first day.

I shrug and give her a small smile. "Eh, they haven't done anything yet."

She smiles then gets out of her sleeping bag and grabs a change of clothes. For a split second, I feel like she's going to hug me or something but she just walks to the bathroom.

"Whoa wait," I say a little louder than I wanted to. Scarlett stops in the doorway and looks back at me. I smirk, "I don't get a morning kiss?"

She smiles and rolls her eyes at me before disappearing into the bathroom. I hear the sink turn on and I smile to myself before returning to the book in my hands.


"Okay, today's the day! We're having the showcase tonight!" Polaroid announces to the group of us.

Scarlett takes her hand in mine and gives it a little squeeze.

Polaroid goes around and remembers everyone what number they are to preform. There's a few of us, Scarlett and I are five, she's ten, and I'm thirteen. I'm the closing act and am singing a surprise song for Scarlett.

I'm still not sure which one I'm playing, but I have a few options: 'Wanted' by Hunter Hayes, 'Irresistible' by One Direction, 'Someone Like Me' by Charlie Worsham, or 'You and Me' by Lifehouse.

I'm probably going to ask her upfront which one she likes best, I kissed her during 'Wanted' so she may say that one.

Polaroid dismisses us to go practice and he gives me a little smile. I told him ahead of time my plan and he said it was good, everyone thought I was singing 'Trouble Is' and truth be told, that was probably a good song to sing for Scarlett too.

I followed her to the room with our guitars and picked them up, tomorrow we would record a song and then Saturday we would begin making our music videos.

I still haven't thought of something good for my music video for Scarlett, but I hope that with time I will think of something.

Scarlett leads me to our usual place outside and we sit on the small brick wall that is right behind the infirmary.

"So, should we practice 'Just By Being You'?" Scarlett asks me as soon as we sit down.

"Uh, yeah. Let's do that." I tell her. My head is spinning with the question of what song to play for her, but for the fact that I may just stick with 'Trouble Is' reminds me that I always have a back up plan.

"Hey, is everything okay?" She asks me.

"What are you talking about?"

"I dunno, you're acting funny."

"How so?"

"You won't look me in the eye and you just seem nervous."

"Oh, um, well I wanted to ask you, if you could have a perfect dance what song would it be? Like a slow song?" I cringe as the rushed words leave my mouth. I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't even understand a word I said.

She smiles, then studies me. "Is that what's got you all worked up?"

I smile nervously and shrug.

She laughs and looks over to the line of trees. "Uh," she pauses and bites her lip. "I think 'Chasing Cars' by Snow Patrol. Or... Oh! I know! 'I for You' by The All-American Rejects. That's the one."

I laugh. "Where did you ever hear that?"

"Your iPod." She tells me smiling. I shake my head, I know the song. It'll be easy to play.

"So, is that all you were worried about?" She asks me.

"Yeah, that's all." I tell her smiling.

She opens her mouth to say something, probably ask why I was worried about a slow song, but instead she smiles and kisses my cheek.

"Back to guitar?" She asks me.

"Yeah, uh, guitars..."

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