My Paper Heart.

Scarlett is going to a new camp. One problem, she was placed in the wrong cabbin and is roomed with five incredibly adorable guys. Each with their own story. But one sticks with her the most, and time flies by too quickly.

(This is also posted on Wattpad under Don't Leave Me so if you see it on there that's why.)


10. Rock Star.

I woke up and stretched. Memories of last night hit me hard, why was Tyson so against Hunter? He seemed friendly, that was enough for me.

I grabbed a white tank top, jeans, and my boots. Scanning through my suitcase, my mom tossed in a couple shorts, tee-shirts, and a dress or two. I bit my lip, these weren't my clothes, my mom always wanted me to dress more girly. So, seeing the articles in my bag, she went shopping without me and only gave me a few 'saftey' clothes.

I sighed and went into the bathroom, I changed, did my daily morning routine, and then went back to my bunk to apply makeup. I heard some of the guys start to wake up, a shower went on, a sink started to run, movements were audible, voices were laughing.

I went back to applying my foundation when I heard a cough, I looked up and Tyson was awkwardly standing in the doorway.

"May I help you?" I asked, I looked back into my reflection. I looked half decent. Ugh. I looked back up to Tyson and offered a smile.

He returned a tight lipped grin. "Um, would you care if I used you shower? The other two are taken."

"Sure, go for it." I said. Part of me wished he was coming to talk to me, maybe he would've told me about him and Hunter...?

"Thanks." Tyson said. I finally heard the sleep in his voice and smiled in spite of myself. His red, white, and black checkered pants hung loosely around his hips and his grey shirt hugged him perfectly.

I watched as he went into the bathroom, closing the door behind him. The shower turned on, and soon I heard a voice fill my room. I put down my compact mirror and eye shadow brush the cautiously walked over to the bathroom door. I couldn't make out the words but his voice was crisp and beautiful. I should've known he'd be a singer.

The shower turned off and I ran back to my bunk, I tried to calm myself as the door opened and Tyson walked out in tight dark blue jeans and a black shirt. He was drying his hair with a towel and smiled at me.

"Thanks, again." He said. I smiled back and nodded, then went back to my makeup. "Um, Scarlett," I looked up and met his eyes as he stood halfway in the doorway, "you don't need that." He walked away.

My heart fluttered and I smiled. I fell back on my mattress and giggled to myself. I finished my mascara and slipped on a pair of grey converse and wandered into the other two rooms. I stood in the doorway and talked with the guys as they got ready. Supposedly, we would have breakfast and then go to our activities. I went back to my room and grabbed my guitar then followed the guys to the tent we ate at last night.

People continually told me what a good singer I was, how natural I looked with a guitar. I smiled and thanked them. To me, it was insane how nice people here were, how supportive. I loved it here.

After breakfast Tyson led me to where we were supposed to wait to meet out activity councilors, Jeremy hung closely to the other guys and watched me like a hawk. His eyes met with mine once and he shrugged, then turned to Hunter and said a few words to him.

Did Hunter tell Jeremy to watch me an Tyson? We were hardly speaking, let alone having conversations with each other. I felt like I was some what on square one with Tyson again, all because I asked him about Hunter last night.

Stupid, stupid, stupid!!!

Guvna picked up a megaphone and started talking into it, I zoned out and looked from one councilor to another, I finally found Hero, she was with the blonde from yesterday. Polaroid told me this morning her name was Jubilee. My eyes landed on Polaroid, he was talking to another councilor with a guitar.

Guvna stopped talking and Tyson nodded towards Polaroid. I followed and smiled when I heard, "that's the girl from last night."

"Seems we already have a singer in our presence, my name's Ace." The councilor Polaroid was earlier talking to said to me.

"Scarlett." I said with a smile.

Jeremy slowly joined us and four other campers did as well. Carrie was one of the faces I recognized. We were led to a little hole in the wall place Tyson told me they used for the dance and some extra stuff.

"Dance?" I asked him. We sat down in a circle and I found myself in between him and Carrie.

"Yeah, in the middle of the week there's a dance. This week's theme is western. I think you'll fit in perfectly." He smirked at me and I smiled.

The day proceeded as so: we were given time to think of what song we wanted to sing, tomorrow we'd have to decide. Then, we went in a circle and talked about ourselves and each person sang one song. (I sang 'It Ain't Pretty' by Lady Antebellum, Tyson sang 'Over' by Blake Shelton, Jeremy sang 'Fireflies' by Owl City, and Carrie sang 'Hot 'N Cold' by Katy Perry.) By the end of that it was time for lunch.

I was told to leave my guitar at the Rock Star room and after Polaroid told me nothing would happen to it I obliged. We went back to the white circus tent and sat down to lunch. Most of the guys had macaroni while I stuck to a green salad. I never was a fan for pasta or anything like that, maybe I'm crazy...

Polaroid handed me an iPod, he told me to follow the instructions then choose some extra activities to do later. I looked to Tyson and he was already typing on his iPod.

I clicked on my name, cabin number, and then three activities; arts and crafts, guitar with Ace, and then creative writing.

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